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 Under the new province of Ontario guidelines set out on January 12th, 2021, we are permitted to remain open under strict safety measures and protocols that ensure the safety of our staff, customers and recipients. We continue to enforce mask-wearing, social distancing and sanitization of hands and work surfaces regularly during regular business hours.

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to making someone’s day with a MyBaskets gift basket delivery!

REST ASSURED – YOUR GIFT BASKET WILL BE DELIVERED SAFELY AND IN A TIMELY MANNER. We guarantee to put a smile on your recipient’s face, even from a distance, with a beautiful, handmade basket for any occasion. During these uncertain times, some products may be switched for items of equal or greater value due to low inventory and safety measures under Covid-19 restrictions and protocols.

During these critical times, it is important to stay connected with all the important people in your life. We may be practicing social distancing and self isolation but we don’t have to forget about taking care of the people we care about the most. Remind them that taking care of their emotional well-being and prioritizing self care is the most crucial thing to do right now.

 Thank you to all our customers for putting your trust in us to deliver gifts to your doorstep, mail room, or business areas. We want to share an update with you regarding the actions we are taking to keep everybody safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

With further notice from the Ontario Government, we are able to continue with our regular operations. Online commerce businesses  are permitted to continue with their operations, which means that My Baskets will still be able to deliver gift baskets without any delay. You may continue to place your orders on our website and it will be shipped out as quickly as possible.

Please note no FRUIT and FLOWER Deliveries during this period.

Contactless Delivery Toronto

Gift Delivery Toronto

Health & Safety Measures:

Delivery protocols
We are enforcing the “no contact” procedure to reduce any physical contact between the staff, drivers and the recipients. 

Temporarily stop asking for signatures
We will not ask our drivers to get signatures from the recipients. This is to make sure that both our drivers and the recipients avoid physical contact as a safety measure. We want to make the experience safer and more comfortable for both parties. 

Food Handling

My Baskets want to ensure everybody that our foods are monitored closely and that we’ve implemented the highest hygienic and sanitation procedures at our location. The measures we’re taking as a company includes:

- All employees must practice responsible sanitation and hand-washing,
- Regularly wiping down stations with disinfectants, disinfecting door knobs,    tables, keyboards, mice and equipment,
- Couriers are now required to knock or call us for pick ups or drop offs         without entering our facility and,
- Encourage staff to stay home if ill.

We want everybody to stay in a safe and healthy environment. Thank you for being our valued customers and for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns or questions regarding your order.

We will continue to monitor and maintain the health and safety requirements of the authorities. We will also closely monitor for any updates from the Toronto Public Health, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization.

Questions people ask us about our online gift deliveries during Coronavirus:

Are gift baskets companies open during corona?

Yes, we are open during this virus epidemic. The Ontario government has given permission for all online store businesses to open and continue with our regular services. 

What to put  in a coronavirus care package?

When  you are bored at home, all you want to do is snack. Care packages should include chocolates, chips, pretzels, cheeses, cookies and other snacks for people to munch on. 

Can COVID 19 be transmitted with gift baskets?

According to the FDA and CDC, transmission risks through foods are very low. The FDA stated that there are currently no reports of the virus being transmitted through food. The CDC also stated that there is no evidence of this either.

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