Gift Personalization
Upgrade their birthday present with their name embroidered. This little addition will give them a boost of wonder your gift is their favourite. With our personalized baby gift basket options in Canada, give a memorable surprise tailor made for every child with your own personalized touch.

 Customized Baby Gifts

By adding your own spin, you can make the ultimate unique baby gifts. This small step of thoughtfulness makes your gift stand out in a sea of Barbies and Tonka Trucks. Show your special bond with the child by adding a personal note only they can appreciate. Nothing is like what you have, whether you're an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, etc. You can monogram their initials, write their last name, or go even further with writing "Super Star" or "The Cutest" on their onesie! Get a set of twins something they can call their own set to make everyone feel included. In a market filled with generic copies of the same products and toys, give them something that stands out and will forever appreciate. Parents will also appreciate the extra sentiment and effort of our unique baby gifts. Our baby gift baskets with name customization is great for celebrating the birth of a newborn, a toddler's birthday, or as a holiday surprise. Mom's love our monogrammed baby gifts as baby shower gift baskets. These one-of-a-kind presents are also great for corporate clients or coworkers’ that aren't easy to impress. These memorable memento's are stand-out pieces that elevate a generic children's plush of bib. With your creativity, the options are endless. You won't something they don't make at the store, which is why we personalize presents with your touch. Add a piece of your heart with each embroidery and carving. Send a personalized congratulations across Canada with our nation-wide shipping.

Baby Personalization

We can also tailor-make each of our baby gift baskets to be curated to your needs. Want to bulk up an existing baby gift idea or prefer a combination of products we don't already offer? We can combine the toys, clothes, and snacks to suit who and why you're sending a baby gift basket to. Add a bottle of champagne to congratulate new parents, or mix and match clothes based on different personalities. The process for making personalized baby gifts is easy: First, pick which basket you'd like to use as a base. Second, determine your budget and the types of products you'd like to include. Third, select your delivery date and shipping location. Give us a call and we'll help fulfill your order!

Personalization process take between 3-5 days and will be shipped out once ready.