Passover Gift Baskets

Celebrate the traditional Jewish Holidays by sending our gift baskets to family, colleagues or friends. You may also order for yourself to bring it with you when you join a get together. Whether you are looking for a salty or sweet, rich or light or both, we have something you can add to the food menu on the table.  All the selected items are made of high quality ingredients by prestigious brands of Kosher specialty foods. Order our exclusively designed baskets and replace your usual snacks with these thoughtfully chosen treats.

Great gifts  for celebrating Purim, Passover, Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah .

Purim Gift Baskets

A celebratory gift basket in Toronto is the perfect way to celebrate the bravery of Esther, Queen of Persia, and the wisdom of Mordechai , who saved the Jewish people from the evil Haman during Purim, the “days of feasting and gladness.” You can celebrate the Festival of Lots and the tradition of Mishloach Manot in elegant style with a gourmet gift basket for your treasured family land friends. Sent to your favourite charity, an upscale gift basket full of artisan style treats can also serve as Mattanot la-evyonim for the holiday – or send one to your dinner host or even your own household as a surprise as you celebrate se'udat Purim. Filled to the brim with upscale gourmet treats, and beautifully decorated and presented, a Purim gift basket sends the perfect message of happy celebration and respect for the tradition.