Summer is the best season for many things, namely the weather. And with good weather comes camp! Not like Susan Sontag's camp, but more like the one from The Parent Trap. Heading North to spend time outdoors with new friends, fun activities, and endless smores, camping is the pinnacle of childhood. From swimming in the lake to building tents, camp is a place to pick up new survival skills while creating new, fulfilling relationships. Kids get excited just looking forward to spending time in and out of their cabins away from home. If kids are hesitant there first time around, they come back looking forward to next year.

Both campers and counselors make their best memories surrounded by evergreens, enjoying the simple things in life. Regardless of being introverted or extroverted, you will find something for you to enjoy. Camp is a place where you find a deeper sense of yourself while also getting a deeper sense of the people around you. It's a place of community and mentorship, of individuality and of the collective. 

Going on a site-wide scavenger hunt, learning how to use a compass, and getting (just a little) lost are all standard camp procedure and you'll want to make sure to have the proper check-list. Bug repellent, sunscreen, and reusable water bottle all seem obvious, but their importance is that to the price of gold. Don't underestimate the importance of a hat either, for it'll save you from heatstroke and sunburn on your scalp (the worst thing next to a poison ivy rash). 

If you're sending your kid to camp this year, make sure they have everything they need. And though they'll be gone for a few weeks, you can always send them a care package! 

Gift Baskets For Kids At Summer Camp

Send them a package full of their favourite snacks for them to keep stashed away. Our zesty gift baskets in Toronto include Oreo's, sour gummies, chocolate chip cookies, and more for them to have a little treat to enjoy. Add in some camp essentials just to have them re-stocked, but send them the coolest treats for them to be the most-loved in their cabin. 

What To Send To Kids At Camp

Sending them letters, postcards, and pictures for them to write back to is a great way to keep in touch with a child or friend who has gone away for the summer. They can return your note with anecdotes on what they've been doing, what they've learned, and any interesting news they can't wait to share. Plus, note-writing is a great way to communicate without the use of technology - classic camp! 

Best Summer Camps in Ontario

There are so many camp options for different interests and faculties! There are away-camps, art camps, science camps, health camps, etc. Your kid can spend their summer immersed in their interests and other like-minded kids to give them the best summer ever. Muskoka offers the top sleepover camps to spend outdoors, and looks even better than the ones in the movies! There are ranch camps that focus on animal life and care, agriculture/farm camps that teach how to grow and plants food, and so many more based on hobbies, skills, and interests.