Mind and Body Relax Spa Gift Basket

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This Mind and Body Relax Spa Gift basket Includes:

Body Lotion - One bottle of premium quality body lotion from the Pure living collection of No. 59 Rue de Marli Paris. The body lotion is paraben free and contains no harmful chemicals. It highly moisturizes your skin and is easily absorbed. The formulation is enriched with vitamins and organic pure essential oils of lemon, sweet orange and Sicilian mandarin, grape seed oil and Shea butter (Glass Jar 300 ml)
Bath Essence - One pack of Peony wellness bath essence for sensitive skin. The formula enriched with ingredients like Phytosterols in combination with avocado oil, rice protein and bisabolol nourishes your skin and protects it against drying out. NO PEG emulgators alkaline soaps, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral, silicone oils or preservatives (60 g)
The Classic Nail Brush – This classic looking nail brush is perfect to clean under and around your nails and exfoliate overgrown cuticles. To achieve maximum result, use it on damp skin.
Pumice Scrub Stone - The abrasive quality of this pumice scrub stone is perfect to gently exfoliate and smooth heels, and to remove tough and callused area of the feet, toes, hands, elbows and knees.
Shower Sponge - One high quality bath sponge easy to use and hang made with eco-friendly material
Elegant Spa Bucket – Beautiful silver and white color metal bucket with handles
Presentation - Gift set are presented in cellophane, greeting card and hand tied stylish bow.

A thoughtful gift for mom, grandma, sister, girlfriend or wife who deserves some time at the spa. Showcasing Rue de Marli from Paris this gift features classy and lavish bath items, Parisian body lotion and other essential spa products. Create a peaceful and comfortable spa atmosphere at home and relax.

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