Care Package Box With Tea

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This Care Package Box with Tea is perfect for any family member, co-worker, friend or loved ones. Packed with a combination of goodies and premium tea to complete any ones day. 

Chocolate Truffles - A creamy and rich truffle covered in a delicate layer of cocoa powder. You will not be able to stop once you pop one into your mouth.

Twisted Pretzels - A savory option when you want something other than sweets. A classic snack and the perfect addition to this box. 

Chocolate Covered Almonds - Want something better than your regular chocolates? This chocolate covered coffee latte almonds is a creamy milk chocolate with a kick of caffeine all in one little bite. 


Loose Leaf Tea (2) - 2 bags of organic and fresh tea leaves. Puretea promises to make only the finest and richest teas you will ever taste. Pour a cup of hot tea and enjoy your evening.

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers - Crackers should definitely be paired up with some cheese or wine. It will taste great when you have it with tea as well. 

Oatmeal Milk Chocolate Cookies - Oatmeal cookies with real milk chocolate, dreamy and delicious. These cookies might be small but they sure have you wanting more just after one bite. The perfect amount of oatmeal and chocolate in each pack.


Milk Chocolate Bar - This classic milk chocolate bar is made with rich and high quality ingredients. A great snack to munch on when you are stuck at home. 

This care package with teas and snacks will help ease your friends or coworkers mind during a rough time. Many people like to drink tea to help them relax and to clear all their worries away.


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