Easter Bunny Gift Basket

$100.00 CAD

Same Day Toronto delivery for orders placed before 11.30AM FREE Delivery (in GTA Toronto, or in Ontario, Quebec) on baskets $100 or more, going to one address.

FREE Delivery anywhere in Canada. This Easter Bunny Gift Basket includes:

PLUSH BUNNY – A super soft plush bunny from Jellycat. Made of polyester, it’s washable by hand. Made of ultra soft materials and suitable for even the smallest babies.

CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY – A classic  Easter bunny made of luscious milk chocolate. The bunny is covered in gold foil and decorated with a red ribbon for a festive addition to any Easter celebration. Sure to please young and old alike.

CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS – Classic milk chocolate Easter eggs made in France. The eggs are crafted from superior ingredients for a creamy finish. Wrapped in decorative foil, they are a bright and beautiful part of any display of Eater goodies.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES – Super smooth milk chocolate truffles by Godiva. A treat made in the Belgian tradition by experienced chocolatiers. Individually wrapped in decorative foil.

OATMEAL COOKIES – Classic butter cookies covered with milk chocolate. Made in France from natural ingredients, using only natural flavours. The chocolate coating is marked with a decorative stamp for a charming addition to any fruit or dessert tray.

PRETZELS – Everyone's favourite snack bar treat. 

CARAMEL COVERED POPCORN – A double chocolate delight with the crispy finish of popcorn. Air popped corns are drenched in chocolate caramel coating and then drizzled with milk chocolate. A gourmet treatment for everyday candy corn.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - Ooey, gooey, everyone loves this timeless treat. 

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS - Infused with coffee for an extra kick! 

CRACKERS - Add these to your cheese plate for olive oil infused crunch. 

BASKET – The gift set comes in a classic white rectangular gift box. The box is reusable and makes an attractive holder for small items.

Your gift basket will be delivered wrapped in glossy cellophane, decorated with a hand-tied satin bow and a personalized greeting card.

Celebrate this special Easter holiday with this colorful fun gift box. All kids expect to receive an Easter gift basket full of colorful treats. We thoughtfully tried to mix and match this basket with both healthy and Easter treats.

Assorted Easter Chocolates and Candies

Help treasured family and friends, and valued business contacts, celebrate the holiday in style with this charming gift basket. The elegant white basket contains a selection of delicious chocolate treats, along with a soft plush bunny.



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