Gourmet Holiday Collection

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This Gourmet Holiday Collection gift basket includes: 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS MILK CHOCOLATE - Our exclusive holiday milk chocolate bar comes wrapped in a festive holiday package that says Happy Holidays right at the front, sending a joyous greeting to your recipient! This milk chocolate is made in Quebec and is creamy and sweet in each last square. Choose to share or keep it all to yourself! 

CHEDDAR CHEESE BISCUITS - Made with real Canadian cheddar, these biscuits are a spin on the classic shortbread. They pair perfectly with a cup of tea, and are great to serve at a holiday gathering as a tea or coffee accompaniment. 

TRUFFLES - These French truffles are a dream-come-true for any and all chocolate-lovers! These chocolate truffles are such a decadent treat, and a thin layer of cocoa powder on its exterior really takes these little bundles of sweetness to the next level. Soft, rich and creamy, and made using only the finest and best cocoa!

COOKIES - Don't let the name “bite-sized” cookies fool you – these shortbread cookies may be small, but they sure are packed with all of that deliciousness you know and love in this classic treat! Made only using the best ingredients, these cookies are such a great addition to this gift basket!

CRACKERS - Artisan crackers are just the elegant item to really take this basket to the next level. These crackers have a delicious taste of olive oil and sea salt, and are crispy to utter perfection. Such delicate yet crunchy crackers pair perfectly well with cheeses, spreads, and dips!

PRETZELS - A classic salty snack really ties this gift together, and what better snack to do this than twisted pretzels! This iconic twisted snack is crunchy, salty, and pairs perfectly well with dips and sweet melted chocolate. Pretzels in this beautiful gift basket will make it a completed one for all salty snack lovers!

POPCORN - Caramel popcorn from Spudniks is such a fantastic snack that you just have to try! These perfectly popped pieces of popcorn are light, airy, and are coated with a delicious layer of sweet caramel. The salty and sweet taste in this treat are such a fantastic combination in this treat!

MILK CHOCOLATE - We all love a fine piece of chocolate, right? Of course we do! Better yet, we all love to find such a rich and decadent piece of chocolate in our gift baskets! These 8 individually wrapped mini milk chocolate bars from Godiva are a lovely and elegant addition to this basket that your recipient will absolutely adore. Such a rich, creamy and elegant piece of chocolate will absolutely just melt in your mouth from start to finish!

STYLISH MAGAZINE HOLDER BASKET - The great thing about our holiday collection is each gift basket comes with a stylish and reusable basket. This gourmet gift holds all of the delicious products in a tall, chic dark chestnut basket. The basket is deep enough to be used as a new magazine holder in your powder room or guest room. 

This gourmet collection holiday gift basket includes such a fine assortment of top-choice goodies! From sweet treats to salty snacks, there is something for everyone in this basket. No matter what the occasion may be, treat your recipient the best way possible this next celebration with this beautiful basket from My Baskets!

This gift basket is beautifully hand-wrapped in cellophane, and includes a lovely hand-made bow to top it off. This gift basket also includes a complementary personalized greeting card. 

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