Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

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This Merry Christmas and Happy New Year holiday gift basket includes: 

FAMOUS SHORTBREAD FROM SHORTBREAD HOUSE OF EDINBURGH - The holidays are not the same without traditional shortbread cookies. These 'shortbread without shortcut' cookies are handmade for real, classic shortbread taste. 

MA'S KITCHEN AMAZING BOX OF CHOCOLATE - You've never had chocolate like this before. Locally artisan made chocolate that has mouthwatering taste and made from simple, natural ingredients for the best taste experience. 

TOAST FOR CHEESE CRACKERS - English style cheese crackers made with dates, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds for a nutty and subtly sweet accompaniment to any cheeses you pair them with.

LINDOR BOX OF CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES (120g) - The ultimate holiday chocolate. No holiday party is complete without a Lindor truffle for dessert! This box of Lindor truffles is perfect for your next holiday gathering. 

CHEDDAR BISCUITS - For a Canadian spin on a classic cookie, these shortbread biscuits are made with real Canadian cheddar for an explosion of taste like no other. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Famous Belgian Godiva chocolate truffles that are filled with a creamy and delectable filling. A luxurious treat, great for sharing at a holiday social gathering. 

GEM GEM GINGER CANDIES - Kettle cooked ginger candies that are gluten free, non-GMO and made with real Indonesian ginger for natural taste. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS CHOCOLATE BAR - Canadian-made milk chocolate wrapped in our exclusive holiday packaging that has a festive greeting right in front! Spread a little cheer this holiday season with this adorable festive milk chocolate bar. 

GOURMET SHORTBREAD - Bite-sized traditional shortbread cookies. Buttery and sweet like shortbread should be, it's a scrumptious snack for anyone of any age. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE CASHEWS - A step-up from chocolate covered almonds. These golden cashews are dipped in mouthwatering Godiva milk chocolate for the perfect sweet and salty snack. 

COCOA TRUFFLES - Nothing says luxury like a French chocolate truffle. Made in Quebec, these decadent truffles pair great with red wine or champagne. 

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR - What's more elegant than a piece of rich and luxurious dark chocolate? This bar is made with 70% dark chocolate and is great for sharing. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR FESTIVE TIN BASKET - The best part about this holiday gift basket is the completely reusable festive tin container that holds the delicious goodies! It's red and gold accented design makes it an appealing and fun holiday decoration that can be used for years to come. The cheerful holiday message on the from makes it a great accent piece in a room or at the front entrance of a home during the holidays. It's well made and strong to hold a number of household items. 

The Merry Christmas and Happy New Year gift basked is an attractive vintage style gift basket that is overflowing with gourmet snacks and treats to make the holidays just a little bit brighter. With a combination of savoury and sweet items, there is something to please every taste – perfect for passing around at the office or any holiday party.

This gift basket is beautifully hand-wrapped in cellophane, topped with a hand-made bow, and includes a complementary personalized message card.

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