Prosecco With Truffles Gift Basket

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Most popular Prosecco, comes with nice wooden box, and fabulous hand made bow.

This Champagne Gift Baskets includes:

PROSECCO SPARKLING WINE: One bottle of most popular Prosecco sparkling wine (750 ml)- 

FRENCH TRUFFLES:These French truffles are a dream-come-true for any and all chocolate-lovers! These chocolate truffles are such a decadent treat, and a thin layer of cocoa powder on its exterior really takes these little bundles of sweetness to the next level. Soft, rich and creamy, and made using only the finest and best cocoa!

MAPLE SHORTBREADCOOKIES– A great version of the classic holiday treat. Handmade and crafted in small batches from the finest ingredients, with no trans fats, artificial flavours or preservatives. Made with the finest Canadian ingredients

WOODEN BOX: Wooden wine box made from real Canadian pine.


Complimentary greeting card


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