Birthday Gift Baskets For Teenagers

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This birthday gift basket includes:

KITKAT BAR - This chocolate-covered wafer is a favourite amongst kids, teens, and adults! Break off a piece and share with your friends, or save some for after soccer practice! 

HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE - This delicious bar is for when you outgrow the Kisses. Teens will love the great taste of smooth Hershey's chocolate that's loaded with almonds for a yummy crunch. 

OREO COOKIES - Oreo's are the original cookies you grew up with. Whether you licked the middle or dunked them into milk, these crispy cookie delights are definitely a treat. The best teen birthday gift in the cookie aisle! 

M&M'S - These chocolate pieces are best eaten by the handful! The two chocolate textures of its crunchy exterior and smooth interior makes this candy twice as good.   

SMARTIES CHOCOLATE - Just as fun as M&M's but with it's own signature taste, these colourful chocolate candies are the perfect recess snack. 

POTATO CHIPS - Have a hankering for something salty? Keep these gourmet chips handy in your locker so you can snack between classes. Teenager's can't get enough!

HARIBO GUMMIES  - The nostalgia of Haribo make these gummy bears taste even better the older you get. These German candies are fruity, chewy, and perfectly sweet! 

MAYNARD'S WINE GUM - This 120-year-old brand makes the best wine gums. With 5 different flavours, enjoy a burst of fruity sweetness with every bite. 

AERO CHOCOLATE BAR - The funnest chocolate bar to eat, let the bubbley interior melt on your tongue to have the real Aero experience! 

TWIZZLERS - These classic red twists are strawberry flavoured, super chewy, and made with real molasses! Grab a stick and pass it on. 

What Are The Best Gift Ideas For Teens?

Teenagers can be intimidating, especially as they grow from freshman to senior. Our teen b-day gift baskets with same-day delivery to Toronto will warm them up! Give them a birthday basket full of their favourite sweets so they can take them to school, eat on the bus home, or share with their friends during spare! 

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