White Baby Container

$8.00 CAD

Same Day Toronto delivery for orders placed before 11.30AM FREE Delivery (in GTA Toronto, or in Ontario, Quebec) on baskets $100 or more, going to one address.

Take your white baby container and add 4 to 7 baby items (clothes, blankets, toys, books, etc) to start customizing the best baby gift basket. Once you’ve unboxed your package delivered Canada, the gender neutral basket is yours to utilize in your baby’s nursery.

The rectangular container makes for enough space for sufficient storage. When new parents are looking to organize their baby’s clothing items of tops and bottoms, or their bedtime and daytime stories, or their moisturizers from their soaps, this box can effectively manage. Decide on this basket as the base to build your gift and begin to pick from a number of items that will be great additions to your baby collection. With a handle on each side, this design makes it easy for mom and dad to easily transport your baby container from place to place.

A white baby container is gender neutral. White symbolizing new life and purity accepts your baby into their new home. Aesthetically, it flawlessly falls into theme of your baby nursery as a piece of stylish décor. It is large enough to hold an appropriate amount of baby items in one storage unit but not too outlandish both in size and pattern to noticeable clash with the theme of the room. It is a clean looking baby container that new parents will appreciate most functionally for its versatility in and out of the nursery.