Gourmet Collection Medium

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This gourmet sweet gift basket includes:

GODIVA CHOCOLATE CASHEWS  – These rich and buttery cashews are embraced with famous Godiva Belgian milk chocolate to enjoy a true savoury experience.

DARK CHOCOLATE – If you enjoy the finer things in life, this gourmet 70% dark chocolate bar is undoubtedly for you. Each square is a chocolate indulgence.

PRETZELS – Salted twisted pretzels are a classic among every snack pantry. Dunk them in your favourite dips or coat them in your favourite chocolates for the perfect sweet and salty snack!

TRUFFLES  Chocolate truffles are absolutely the most rich and decadent little treat that will just melt in your mouth with each and every bite!

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS  Thanks to Lamontagne, you now can indulge in Caffe Latte almonds – that's right, coffee-coated chocolate almonds are here!

CRACKERS  Elegant olive oil and sea salt flavoured crackers pair amazingly well with all of your favourite cheeses, spreads and dips!

CHEESE BISCUITS – Cheese biscuits made from real Canadian cheddar that are exquisite on their own, and even better topped with your favourite cheese or dip.

POPCORN  Caramel popcorn from Spudniks is a treat you just have to try. The sweet caramel combined with the light and airy pieces of popcorn makes this an irresistible snack!

MILK CHOCOLATE – Pure milk chocolate bar - a favourite among any sweet lover - made with passion and only the best ingredients.  

SHORTBREAD COOKIES – Velvety and buttery shortbread cookies, perfect for a simple desert after dinner or to pair with a cup of coffee or tea. 

POTATO CHIPS – Handcrafted Canadian made potato chips from BC. Cooked to perfection using only the finest ingredients for quality assurance.

CONTAINER - Elegant reusable container