Neutral Baby Swaddle Blankets Set

$19.00 CAD

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Neutral baby swaddle blankets set is must-have for all parents to welcome their newborn baby. This set is perfect for a little boy or a little girl; these 2 blankets made from 100% cotton will keep them warm and cozy all day. 

Swaddle Blankets for Neutral Baby

A set of 2 swaddle blankets is essential to have for newborn babies. Perfect for a little boy or a little girl, swaddling your little one has never been easier and has never looked more stylish with this pack of 2 swaddle blankets, made from muslin fabric. These two items come in two unique patterns, both showcasing a beautiful neutral grey tone. This item is such a great addition to our neutral baby baskets that do such a great job at welcoming your little one into the world. 

Swaddle blankets are so versatile; there are so many different unique uses for this item. This can be used as a nursing cover; because of its breathable muslin fabric, this prevents baby and mom from overheating during nursing. This creates a pleasant experience and comfortable space for feedings at home and on-the-go. Swaddle blankets are also great as stroller covers to help protect your little one from the harsh sunlight or from louder outside noises to help with napping. Its breathable material allows for airflow to keep your little one comfortable and relaxed.