Masi Campofiorin Premium Wine from Italy

$42.00 CAD

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Every sip of Masi Campofiorin wine is a sultry experience that bewitches your senses. This scrumptious medium bodied red wine has a savory aroma of spices and fig that evokes a sweet cherry scent. The palate is rich and dry, with a soft tannis and medium finish. Marvel at the beautiful and intense deep ruby color of this charming wine as you sip it.

A luxury gift for surprising your host at holiday dinner parties or corporate holiday events, this perfectly balanced red is wonderful for pairing with an exceptionally diverse array of meals. Ideally suited to be featured alongside hearty meals of red meat, such as a filet mignon or roast, Masi Campofiorin wine also perfectly complements creamy dishes such as pasta and risotto. Whether you decide to gift it to friends, family or coworkers, or reserve a bottle for yourself, this elegant Italian red is a luxurious selection perfect for so many special occasions.