Signature Sympathy Basket

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Wondering what to send when someone passed away instead of flowers? We're here to help! 

This Signature Sympathy Basket includes:

BEAUTIFUL HANDWOVEN RATTAN BASKET - Instead of sending typical sympathy flowers to someone grieving a loss, consider sending a gourmet gift basket and this signature sympathy basket includes a one-of-a-kind handwoven rattan basket. The beautiful basket is interwoven to have a stunning look, and it is built strong to hold a good amount of household items. Its beautiful design makes it a great item to keep in any room of the house, for example in the living room to hold blankets or magazines, making a great décor piece. This basket will last your recipient and will prove useful to them long after the treats within are finished. 

HANDMADE COOKIES BY COOKIE IT UP - Cookies are the ultimate comfort food for when you're feeling down. Cookie It Up is known for making homemade style cookies with simple and wholesome ingredients. 

DELECTABLE GODIVA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Famous mouthwatering truffles by the famous Belgian Godiva chocolatiers. 

MAPLE SHORTBREAD - Have you ever tasted shortbread with a Canadian spin? Famous shortbread cookies made by Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. with a sweet hint of maple. 

GOURMET POTATO CHIPS - Proudly Canadian-made gourmet potato chips made by Hardbite. Baked in small batches for quality assurance and great taste in each chip!

PRETZELS - Twisted seasoned pretzels make for a great sharing food. For a comforting treat, try dipped in melted milk or dark chocolate. 

SORINI TRUFFLES - Italian chocolate truffles with a creamy interior made of hazelnut and cappuccino filling. 

CARAMEL POPCORN BY SPUDNIKS - Sweet and salty come together for the ultimate combination in Spudniks caramel popcorn. 

FRENCH CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Chocolate truffles are the ultimate decadent treat. Soft, gooey ganache in the middle, coated in a light dusting of only the finest cocoa powder. 

CHEDDAR CHEESE BISCUITS - Mini shortbread biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar. Best enjoyed with a warm cup of tea. 

GOURMET SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Shortbread is loved by so many people. These gourmet shortbread cookies are everything shortbread should be - buttery, soft and delicious! 

ARTISAN CRACKERS - Perfectly baked baguette bite crackers lightly seasoned with olive oil and sea salt to make the perfect pairing for cheese or dips. 

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - Creamy milk chocolate that will melt in your mouth with each square. Enjoy on its own, or shaved on top of cocoa or melted with a salty snack like pretzels.

What do you put in a sympathy gift basket? 

With MyBaskets line of sympathy baskets including this Signature Sympathy Basket, you don't need to stress about what should go into a sympathy gift basket. This signature basket includes a number of handpicked, best-loved sweet and savoury gourmet food items that are proven to be the best comfort foods. When going through grief or loss, a thoughtful sympathy basket like this one is sure to help your recipient through their difficult time. From salty pretzels to mouthwatering artisan chocolate, this basket has it all. On top of all of the gourmet items, this unique sympathy basket also includes a one-of-a-kind hand woven rattan basket. It's a beautiful addition to the basket that your recipient will adore, and best of all, will find multiple uses out of in their home. Don't stress about what do put in a sympathy gift basket, simple order with MyBaskets and take the hassle away from deciding. Enjoy free delivery on baskets over $100.