Baby Girl Pink Swaddle Blanket Set of 2

$19.00 CAD

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A baby girl pink swaddle blanket set of 2 is the perfect baby item for your customized gift basket Canada! Receiving blankets are versatile accessories that parents everywhere can appreciate its multi-functionality. Everything from a play mat when your baby is over at a friend’s house, or a burp cloth when they need a spill cleaned up, or a sun visor or rain cover from the weather conditions, or for swaddling, it has you met.

This blanket is lightweight enough to be transported and carried, but durable and warmth enough to keep him or her warm, clean up messes, protect your little one from rough terrain, and overall be an extra helpful comfortable reliable fabric to assist you and your baby on your daily activities and adventures. The best part about this package is the inclusion of two receiving blankets meaning parents can arrange for one to be for the stroller, whereas the other stays in the crib, or even one can cycle in the wash where the other gets use. Either way, the variety gives freedom to the parent and their baby.