Same Day Toronto Cake Delivery

They say you can't have your cake and eat it too. We disagree. At MyBaskets, we think you should indulge in times of celebration or just because! Life is too short to not take a bite, and every milestone accomplished should be honoured with your favourite flavour. Whether it be chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, lemon, or carrot, there's a slice made for everyone. There seems to be as stigma around cake, that it's just for birthdays and special occasions, like baby showers, weddings, graduations, etc.. Although we love it then, we also love them any other time. We don't need an excuse to enjoy life's simple pleasures, because it's too short to not have a bite. Like any dessert, cake is something to be shared with others, or enjoyed by yourself! Send someone a sweet surprise to celebrate a big day or to just show your appreciation. Our cake delivery Toronto service ships throughout Canada for your convenience.

What kinds of cakes are there?

 Cakes are a blank canvas. You can create a cake with any flavour you can imagine to come in all shapes and sizes. Coat your cake in sugary fondant, creamy icing, or fresh whipping cream for extra layers of sweetness and as a base layer of decoration. Making a DIY version from scratch is so easy, you can ditch the box cake mix! Whether you want to make grandma's recipe or experiment with different ingredients to make something new, or want to make your own secret recipe, the fun is never ending (until the last bite of course). Making the perfect recipe is a trial-and-error process, which is half the fun! Create something for everyone based on their personalities and flavour preferences. Scroll websites like Pinterest to draw creative inspiration or to find the exact measurements to a recipe you need. There are the classic sweet cake flavours like chocolate ganache, French vanilla, lemon and berry, red velvet etc. For savoury tastes buds, try a carrot cake, zucchini cake, or feta cheese cake. Our cake online Canada selection shows cake delivery options for every occasion and budget. They don't just come in a classic round shape! Cupcakes, mini cakes, cake pops, and donut cakes are all unconventional yet delicious forms of cakes. Have fun with it and break boundaries by mixing sweet and salty ingredients.

Which cake is best for which occasion?

Life's a slice with one of our cake deliveries. With a wide selection of cakes online Canada, you can find exactly what you need. With just a click of a button, send the birthday girl a vanilla sprinkle surprise or your mother-in-law carrot cheesecake. Every batter is unique when you add your own twist to it. Fill the middle with sliced fruits or jam, or hollow it out to fill with M&M candies. Moist slices of buttery goodness can be topped and designed anyway you like. Invite your friends over for a bake-off and design competition on your next rainy day.

Birthday: Birthday cakes are inherently the best ones to express personality. Choose the birthday girl/boy's mix and decorate it with their favourite colours and things, whether that be Elsa from Frozen or race cars. The icing on the cake to any birthday party is the actual cake! The best birthday cake delivery service ships fast and reliably. Our cake delivery in Canada prioritizes your event needs to offer the highest quality product.

Wedding: Wedding cakes can be ultra glam and luxe or simple and modern. The bride-and-groom to be can decide on their colour palette and taste to fit what they want for their big day. Choose ultra-delicate lace designs made out of icing or simple pearlescent fondant.

Baby shower: Gender reveal cakes are currently trending so cut a slice for everyone to find out! Depending on the mom’s-to-be preference, you can make it as cute or as sophisticated as possible. Stay on the baby theme with baby shapes and toys or go for something elegant with neutral colors and classic shapes.

Where to get cake recipe inspiration:

Searching online is the easiest and most accessible way to find the perfect cake idea. Our online cake delivery, you can find something for any occasion. Pinterest and Martha Stewart always have something for anyone, such as flourless cakes, cheesecakes, butter cakes, pound cakes, ice cream cakes etc. For those with allergies or the healthy conscious, gluten-free, vegan, and keto cake recipes are abundant. Take it back to old school by archiving the library for old cookbook - who doesn't love a classic Julia Child recipe!

At MyBaskets, we know that life is meant to be celebrated with sweetness, and our selection of cakes proves just that. However, if you're seeking more than just cake, delve into our world of curated gourmet gift baskets in Toronto! While cake is often associated with birthdays and special occasions, our gourmet gift baskets redefine celebration by offering a diverse range of indulgent treats. From artisanal chocolates to premium selections of savory delights, these thoughtfully curated baskets are a delightful way to mark any milestone or show appreciation. Our cake delivery service spans Canada, ensuring everyone can savor these delectable treats, making any day extraordinary.

Order cake online same day delivery:

We ship birthday cake online same day delivery to Toronto addresses on all orders made before 11 am. All orders of $100 or more are qualified for free shipping and fast shipping options Canada-wide.