Wine Gifts for Mom and Dad

June 30, 2022

Wine Gifts for Mom and Dad

If you're looking for a great gift idea for your parents, consider sending them a unique wine gift basket filled with delicious treats. They are perfect gifts for any occasion — birthdays, anniversaries or just because. This is a wonderful way to send a thoughtful gift that will be remembered long after the last toast has been made and the last bottle opened. We offer free same day delivery in Toronto and the GTA on all orders placed before 11am, so you can celebrate with wine gifts for parents and give them a beautiful memory.

A wine basket is a fun alternative to the traditional bottle of wine or bottle of champagne. Wine baskets can be filled with all sorts of goodies like cheese, crackers and chocolate to create an elegant presentation that's sure to please mom and dad. Wine Gift Baskets are the perfect way to send your best wishes and show that you care. If your parents enjoy drinking wine, consider sending them one of our Wine Gift Baskets from our various options to choose from.

Wine Gift Baskets

There are many different types of wine gift baskets available, so you can choose one that fits your parents' tastes. Filled with decadent food items, you can pair a beautiful wine bottle in a gift basket with delicious treats that will be irresistible.

You can select from our popular wine and cheese gift basket. With a beautiful red bottle of wine and filled with a creamy brie cheese, and other chocolate and crackers, this gift makes for the perfect get together and family gathering.

If you can't decide between a red or white wine, we offer baskets that carry both bottles. Our beautiful 2 Wine Gift Basket offers a premium red and white wine filled with wonderful accompaniments as well.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket. Free Delivery in Ontario and Quebec.

Luxury Wine Boxes

If you are looking for a more chic and unique gift, you can select one of our stylish luxury wine boxes. With many different types of wine, you can select one that will best suit your parents and budget best! Wrapped in a beautiful black luxury box, and filled inside with a wine bottle and treats, this is sure to be a standout for mom or dad. You can choose from a Cote de Roses wine gift box to Italian Tuscany and Sweet Wine Box, there are many different flavors and palettes that can be chosen from. We offer free delivery on all orders within Ontario and Quebec.

Rose Wine Gift Delivery

Wine and Flowers

Celebrating a joyous occasion for your parents is very special and a beautiful combination gift would be wine and flowers. A kind gesture that speaks volumes, you can personalize your card message that is sent with it to make it even more sentimental. We have in house florists that maintain each bouquet daily so you can expect the freshest flowers delivered when you need them. You can pair a beautiful Premium J Lohr gift box and roses, and have it directly delivered to your parents doorstep.

Luxury J Lohr Wine and Roses Gift.

If you are shopping for a wine lover, then a wine-themed gift basket is definitely the way to go. There is a perfect gift basket out there for your wine loving parents or relatives. Wine Gift Baskets are a fun and unique way to celebrate occasions with family. You will be sure to please them with such a thoughtful and creative gift.

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