Why You Should Include a Greeting Card With Every Gift 

October 21, 2021

Why You Should Include a Greeting Card With Every Gift 

The art of the greeting card is on a downward swing, and we are all the worse for it. There are many factors to consider as we look at the decline of card writing, from skyrocketing prices for store bought cards to the simplicity of email and texting. Whatever the reason, sending along a greeting card or a personal note with your gift is still a must. 

What Is The Purpose Of Greeting Cards?

Greeting cards attached to a note serve a variety of purposes. At their most basic level, they help to tell the person receiving the gift who sent it to them. A greeting card attaches your name and a short message to the present, so they know who to thank (and ideally, who to send a thank you card back to). 

But greeting cards are more than just a label on a present, they’re a chance to put into words what you’re telling them with your gift. If you want to congratulate them on their wedding or wish them a happy birthday, a greeting card is a great way to tell your friends and loved ones exactly how happy you are for them. 

Why Greeting Cards Are Important

Much like taking the time to wrap a present and adorn it with a stylish bow, greeting cards are another way we can go above and beyond in our gift giving to truly show our loved ones how we care. It doesn’t take much time or effort to write some kind words on a card, but these extra little touches make all the difference. They show the people you care for that you went out of your way to do a little something extra for them, and that extra step is what sets the true friends apart every time. 

The Joy Of Receiving A Card

While its not feasible to keep every birthday or holiday card we’ve received over the years, every now and again we receive a card that simply must be kept. Whether its well wishes from a grandparent thats no longer with us or the heartfelt sentiments of an old friend, greeting cards are one of the best ways to perverse those memories of special occasions and the special people who helped us celebrate them. 

It may seem like an insignificant thing, but each time you take a moment to write down your feelings for a friend before slipping the card into the gift bag, you’re giving them another wonderful token to hold onto for years to come. We may not remember which aunt gave us the pizza oven or the silverware, or exactly what friend surprised us with that novelty mug, but when we look back at the thoughtful cards we’ve received we are able to hold onto that happiness for just a little while longer. 

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