Virtual Office Party Gifts

January 11, 2021


For Virtual Office Party Gifts, MyBaskets has gift ideas that have you covered, with something for every taste at the office to enjoy! The last year has introduced new ways of collaborating, building and celebrating with our teams. And for those more exciting moments, we have the perfect way to take your virtual office party from overdone to number one!

If you're wondering how to host a virtual office party, everyone knows that the first step is food and snacks. In today's social distancing world, the best way to have this covered is with a gourmet virtual party gift basket, delivered right to your recipients' doors! With our variety of gourmet food gift baskets that are expertly assembled to include only the best items, including a number of gourmet items from local brands, your team members will be blown away by the care put into selecting each product put into our baskets. They will not have seen or tasted anything like a MyBaskets gourmet gift basket before!

No Party is Complete Without a Charcuterie Board!

It's true - the newest trend in hosting any party is a charcuterie board that will blow the minds of your guests. Luckily, your virtual office party doesn't have to go without a charcuterie, because our beautifully designed charcuterie baskets, like the Antipasto Cheese Board or the Cheese Charcuterie Crackers Gift Basket 


each come with a stunning spread and a keepsake for each of your virtual party guests - a charming, sensible-sized wooden cheese board that your guests can reuse.

Or what about the ever-so-popular Bon Appetit Gourmet Basket!


This classic gift basket is a nice sentiment, especially when sending out to a larger team for a corporate event of many people. It includes both sweet and savoury items that are loved by everyone, from soft and creamy brie cheese to melt-in-your-mouth, Canadian-made milk chocolate. It will satisfy any taste, and is sure to please everyone in the office with the fine selection of items included.

Or for the more mindful or selective taste, how about a Healthy Snack Basket that includes a mouthwatering selection of healthy favourites. Canadian grown and baked sweet potato chips, organic dried cranberries, rich dark chocolate - all of this and so many more delicious contents come in our healthy gift baskets. They are a top choice for any large corporate gift or to be sent for a virtual office party, with so many delicious snacks that promote brain stimulation and boost energy!

No one said virtual office parties have to be dull! Make your virtual office party exciting with a thoughtful surprise in the form of a gourmet gift basket sent to each of your recipients, anywhere in Canada! They will receive a beautifully assembled gift basket wrapped in cellophane and tied with a hand-made bow right to their doorsteps, making each of your team members feel important and appreciated. Check out all of our virtual office party gift ideas to make your 2021 virtual office party the best one yet!

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