March 22, 2019

Probably The Best Plush in The World  For Baby's

In 1972, 20 friends came together to renovate an old abandoned mill. What begin as a group project to build work and bring together community turned into a 40+ year-old toy company. Stemming from screen printing, creating crafts, and designing decorations, Moulin Roty was born because of two products: their soft car toy and La Douillette doll. The small car is simple and made from wood, fabric, and foam. Their rag doll was an original at the time and quickly became highly coveted. One order for 1500 small cars turned Moulin Roty into the top-quality toy brand it is today.

By presenting their product at the Salon des Metiers d'Art held in Paris, they quickly set forth into a creative business venture filled with a family of toys. Their iconic characters, such as Douilette, Mimi the Mouse, and Mister Bear, they've become '70's icons children still love today. Their collection has grown to include walking trolleys, clothing, utensils, chairs etc. all perfectly themed for a cohesive set. This bear from the Les Jolis Trop Beaux collection is made with a variety of colours and textures, with each item looking slightly different.  

Plush for DIY Baby Baskets 

This collection is part of their 2018 launch, made to represent an adorable family picture. The biggest brown bear as the protective figure, the sweet baby polar bear, the playful mouse, and the wise rabbit complete their dynamic of affection and fun. From a fantastical world that plays with proportion and is filled with colour, is this quirky animal family. 

Adding this huggable plush is the focal point of any of our baskets. Eyes are immediately drawn to the magical chartreuse, pink, and baby blue colours. The contrasting textures make you want to touch this doll for yourself, and is why children gravitate towards it. The sheer whimsy of Moulin Roty's toys is seen though this bears sweet expression. Perfect for cuddling, your child is going to travel around everywhere with this little guy. 

Including this in our baskets creates the perfect foundation for any gifting occassion. Regardless of what else is included, this toy will guarantee a smile. Totally unique, these toys aren't sold at mainstream toy stores. Seen in high-end children's boutiques all over the world, we've added in this little luxury for your little one to grow up with. They'll keep it to give to their little ones for generations to come. Moulin Roty has already been a part of 4 generations, and continues to do so with their avant-garde designs and premium quality design. 

Surround this bear with other fanciful toys for them to spend afternoons exploring, playing, and creating new experiences. Our baskets are always a hit with Moulin Roty, and this new launch is high in demand. Both kids and parents appreciate the eccentric essence of these plushes! 

These toys will be the main characters of your child's imagination, keeping them always curious and always growing. This little bear with be part of your child's countless adventures and will be one of their favourite keepsakes before they know it. 

The comical construction of their plushes are what make them unlike the conventional options on the market. Moulin Roty is unafraid to experiment, just like your child. Harness their imagination, let them think outside the colours, and they will develop to become great thinkers. 

Moulin Roty toys are designed in France with the finest materials. Each whimsical item is part of the Moulin Roty family and is made to accompany your child in every dream and adventure.

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