May 10, 2019

In a society driven by consumer demand and the corporate agenda, the essence of gifting gets lost. With endless gift guides (usually filled with sponsored products), hundreds of new products drops, and influencer marketing running the internet, the sentimentality of giving gifts has been replaced by a darker need to buy. Infusing your personality with the recipients to curate the perfect gift has been desensitized by needed the newest, trendiest products. But what differentiates a good gift from a great one? You guessed it: the thought.

Art oF Gifting

It's the thought that counts is cliche for a reason. Considering what would make the other person happy - your boyfriend, the birthday girl, a mom-to- be - includes many variables. Incorporating something you know they need with something they want, along with a gift they wouldn't normally get for themselves is a jaw-dropper. And ironically, the truth of gifting is selfish. We as givers, relish in their happiness by counting it as our own success. 

What makes a good gift?

A gift doesn't have to be a grand gesture, or it does, depending on the person. There is no such thing as a bad gift, just the wrong one for the right person. And let's face it, the pressure makes the whole process overwhelming. If you're stuck, phone a friend or ask their mom. Quick tip: keep notes on your phone when they mention something that interests them. Throughout daily tasks, if something grabs his or her attention, jot it down. When they open their gift, just the thought of you remembering is a gift in itself. Keep in mind, it's all about personality. If there's a foodie in your life, take them on a dining experience they haven't gone on or send them a gift basket filled with new and niche treats! 

Remember, a gift doesn't have to be a physical item, it can be an experience. Cooking classes, a romantic picnic, taking your sister sky-diving are gifts that take up a bigger space than any purse or sweater will take up in their heart. 

If you're really stuck, take them shopping! Let them pick whatever they want because who wouldn't love a spontaneous shopping-spree. If you know humour is their thing, give a bunch of gag gifts or materialize a bunch of inside jokes! 

If you want to do some legal stalking, see what they're liking on Instagram or what's in their Amazon or Sephora cart. This will get you extra points without having to stress. 

Whether you're trying to impress someone or congratulate on them on an achievement, do some research beforehand! 

Tip: A gift that keeps is a handmade scrapbook filled with all your best memories and personal anecdotes is something they can cherish forever and truly encapsulates your feelings. 

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