Summer Gift Baskets

June 23, 2020

Goodbye winter, hello summer! Staying at home doesn't have to suck! We are so excited to share with you some of our favorite summer gift baskets that will make your summer a little more enjoyable!

Sit outside on your patio/balcony and enjoy the sunshine with a our amazing beer gift baskets. Keep cool and enjoy our Import Beer Gift Basket. This basket comes with 5 different beers you can try! Why stick with only one type when you can try them all! Not to mention the delicious snacks that come with it. Just imagine, sitting on your patio in your cozy chair. Basking in the sunshine of a blue and cloudless day, listening to the robins chirp while take a gulp of cool and icy beer. What a beautiful picture. 

Remember to stay hydrated if you are planning on sitting outside for a while. A great way to satisfy your sweet cravings and getting fluids into your body is to eat fruits! Our Fresh Fruit Gift Basket Classic is packed with scrumptious assorted fruits that will provide you all the fluid and nutrients that you need. Squeeze yourself some delicious orange juice, cut up some apples, lay a towel out on your backyard and grab a book. You won't be going back inside for a while. 
If you got some Champagne at home, why not make the ultimate summer cocktail? 
Squeeze in some fresh orange juice and combine with a Champagne of your choice. Simple and refreshing! Experiment with different types of juices if you are feeling creative. Any fruits tastes amazing with champagne! 

How can anybody go through a summer without a big family BBQ? Our BBQ Gift Basket has a bunch of essentials you need for a party. This gift comes with a delicious and healthy BBQ sauce that will taste amazing when you spread it on some meat. We also go a bunch of snacks for you to share with your friends and family like pretzels, chips, crackers and more! Not to mention a beautiful bamboo cutting board that is also ideal to be used as a meat or cheese platter. This is also a great gift to give your friends when you can't make it to their party. 

Pop a bottle of champagne for a fancy summer evening. Our Champagne Bucket Gift Basket includes only the best. The Moet & Chandon French Champagne will make your night elegant and fancy. A chill glass of fizzy champagne will cool you throughout the night. Not to mention the delicious chocolates and truffles that come with it. What a great start to your evening!

There are a lot of fun activities you can do this summer even if you have to stay at home! Remember to send your friends and families a summer gift basket to remind them to have fun and that you can't wait to see them soon! 




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