Our Holiday Gift Baskets Tradition

January 04, 2022

Our Holiday Gift Baskets Tradition 

At My Baskets, making gift baskets is what we do. Creating stunning gift baskets for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays and sending them out to customers all over Canada. Once a year during the holidays, we have our annual tradition: everyone stops what they’re doing and makes one gift basket just for themselves.

Best Holiday Gift Baskets

Working at a gifting company during the holiday season is apt to make one feel an awful lot like one of Santa’s elves. You spend your day putting together the best luxury gift baskets for the holiday season. Gourmet gift baskets stuffed with Candy Cane Hot Chocolate and packed into baskets resembling miniature Sleighs or metallic red and gold bins bearing the words MERRY CHRISTMAS across the front. You work hard to ensure that every Christmas gift basket and unique holiday gift box goes out around the country in time for everyone’s seasonal celebration.

The phrase “kid in a candy store” is meant to describe a person surrounded by everything they could ever possibly want. Now imagine being an elf in Santa’s workshop, surrounded by mountains of toys and piles of candy and sweets, and your job is to give them all away. Bringing holiday cheer to others is a rewarding position, of course. But once all the presents have been sent off with couriers and loaded into shipping trucks (Santa’s sleigh can’t carry it all) the best reward is yet to be reaped.

Unique Gift Baskets All-Around

The season was spent chatting with customers about the best gift baskets for their employees. It was filled with basket makers creating festive ribbons and bows to adorn gourmet holiday gifts for customers to send to their family and friends. And after a season of arranging and creating gifts for others to celebrate the holidays with, the employees of My Baskets were given a chance to make a different kind of basket; one for ourselves.

The joy and excitement of staring at a workroom full of cookies, chocolates, chips and other delicious snacks that now have the potential to be delicious snacks eaten by you, is pretty incredible. Whatever basket we chose, each employee was allowed to select the items that went into it and fill it with whatever we wanted. We were able to create the best luxury gift baskets however we saw fit.

Remember the kid in the candy store? This was us, a room of full-grown adults, gleefully filling baskets with gourmet chocolate and savoury crackers until, in some cases, our baskets were almost too heavy to lift.

Why Do People Love Gift Baskets? 

Thinking about why gift baskets are such a universally beloved gift, the answer seems simple. Every unique gift basket and each luxury gift box set is a gift that’s actually many gifts. A present can be opened once, but when you open a gift basket you get to sort through it and discover every item it contains. Gift baskets have something for everyone.

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