Tea Care Package

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Tea Care package perfect for any family member, co-worker, friend or loved ones. Packed with a combination of goodies and premium tea to complete anyone's day. 

ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA - Loose leaf tea in black orange pekoe flavouring. Great for a morning cup of tea to get your day started.

PEPPERMINT TEA - Peppermint leaf tea with a fresh minty aroma and delicate leaf made by Puretea. 

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Creamy, rich and smooth chocolate ganache covered in cocoa powder, this is sure to satisfy any lingering chocolate cravings!

CHEESE BISCUITS - Savoury biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar make a great accompaniment with a morning cup of tea.

TWISTED PRETZELS - The perfect twisted, salty snack to nibble on. These bite sized pretzels are perfect to balance out the sweet and salty items in each basket.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - The classic chocolate bar to complete any gift, made with milk chocolate with the perfect amount of sweetness. Something so simple yet delicious, rich and creamy.

OLIVE OIL AND SEA SALT CRACKERS - Olive oil and Sea salt crackers, the perfect pair to any cheese, spread or on their own! 

SHORTBREAD COOKIES  - Gourmet shortbread cookies with a sweet and buttery flavour that makes this traditional cookie a favourite for all dessert lovers!

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