Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

$110.00 CAD

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From the renowned winery of Robert Mondavi in Napa Valley California, this premium wine will impress and delight every wine connoisseur. The incomparable taste and complex mouthfeel of this delicious red makes it a sure hit at dinner parties and social events. Uncork a bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon and hear guests rave about the scrumptious, smooth blend of flavors and tannic, dry finish. A smoky cedar bouquet gives this wine a pleasing aroma. With flavorful notes of herbs, chocolate and figs, as well as just a subtle hint of honey, this premium red is a high quality, scrumptious treat to indulge in.

The perfect complement to hearty, rich meals of red meat, this delectable bottle makes every dinner pairing soar to new heights with its exquisite taste and round, tangy flavor. Whatever the occasion, whoever you serve this premium wine to will surely be asking for another glass right away.