Premium Wine Chardonnay Mondavi California

$38.00 CAD

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A premium wine made with the highest quality of Chardonnay grapes. The balance of spice and fruity flavors will surely leave a great impression on your taste buds. The fruits are plucked from their most amazing vineyards. Their white wines are made in Napa Valley where the temperature and environment are the best place for growing delicious grapes. You will be able to smell the blend of citrus, apples and tropical fruits. 
Pair this beautiful white wine with creamy dishes. Pasta or risotto would definitely taste divine with this wine. Seafood or shellfish will also taste amazing, the white wine will bring out the full flavor of your fishes. Meaty dishes are also great with Chardonnay. Make sure to have your steak all buttered up and seasoned with herbs to make the combination taste even more scrumptious.