Premium Kosher Gift Basket

$200.00 CAD

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Help make the holiday a special one with a gift basket full of gourmet treats. With a selection of chocolates, sweets, and savoury bites, and an elegant presentation, it’s an ideal choice for family, friends, or corporate gift giving.

PRETZEL THINS (2PK) – Two packages of classic crispy pretzels in a thin format you’ll love. They’re made by Neal Brothers, a Canadian company. Crafted from natural ingredients, with no trans fats, artificial colours or flavours.

KETTLE CHIPS – Gourmet kettle cooked potato chips by Neal Brothers. A classic snack that’s given the gourmet treatment, with fresh potatoes cooked to crunchy perfection. Made using natural flavours for a zesty taste.

BELGIAN CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES – Classic chocolate truffles by Godiva of Belgium. The shell of creamy chocolate encases a centre of gooey delicious chocolate ganache. A decadent treat fit for the finest occasions.

ARTISAN STYLE CRACKERS – Baked flatbread crackers made by Elsa’s Story of Israel. Classic flatbread with a delightful crispy finish, seasoned with real rosemary and olive oil. Delicious on their own, or paired with dips like hummus.

HARD CANDY – Candies made the old fashioned way with a vivid burst of bold taste. Crafted using traditional recipes since 1927. A delicious escape from the everyday, any time you like.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR – A classic Kosher milk chocolate bar made with premium ingredients. Made by Schneider’s of Paris in the tradition of fine French chocolatiers. An exquisitely creamy bar that’s perfect for sharing.

BELGIAN CHOCOLATE BAR – A milk chocolate bar by Godiva of Belgium. A rich chocolate bar made using premium ingredients for that world renowned taste. A traditional favourite at holidays and special occasions.

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR – A dark chocolate bar by Schneider’s of Paris. Crafted in the European tradition, this Kosher bar achieves the perfect balance of tart and sweet. A melt in your mouth treasure.

BAKERY STYLE COOKIES – Rich butter cookies made by Elsa’s Story of Israel. Fashioned with care using superior ingredients for real bakery style taste. A light textured cookie that pairs perfectly with coffee or tea.

ITALIAN CRACKERS – Artisan-style Italian crackers baked to the perfect crisp. A delightful companion to your favourite cheeses. Made with natural flavours so they’re tasty on their own too.

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS – A classic snack favourite gone upscale by Godiva. Premium whole almonds are smothered in rich Belgian chocolate. A treat that’s made for sharing with family, friends, co-workers, or colleagues.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES – Handcrafted shortbread cookies by Cookie It Up. Made with natural ingredients, including real butter, and without artificial flavours or colours. A traditional treat with a melt in your mouth finish.

CHOCOLATE CHIP SHORTBREAD COOKIES – Light, crumbly shortbread cookies with real chocolate chips. Made by Cookie It Up with all natural ingredients. Baked in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

ORGANIC CHEESE PUFFS – Organic cheese puffs by Neal Brothers. A tasty snack made with real cheddar for a bold flavour. Light and irresistible, and perfect for sharing at gatherings of family and friends.

WATER CRACKERS – Classic Carr’s water table crackers with a satisfyingly crispy finish. Made without artificial colours or flavours. Baked crackers that are ideal with your favourite cheeses.

WICKER BASKET – Your gift set begins with a traditional woven wicker basket that can be reused as a decorative holder for small household items.


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