World Best Plush For Baby Moulin Roty

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Moulin Roty's brown bear is a luxurious, iconic baby toy around the world! 
This French brand uses the finest materials and top design qualities to create their soft plushes. Great for stimulating creativity through the sense of sight and touch, you can trust your child is playing with the best. 

Part of Moulin Roty's 2018 collection launch, this big brown bear is part of their Les Jolis Trop Beaux line. Representing a sweet family picture, this quirky figure comes from a fantasy world made of kooky proportions and filled with colour. This cozy plush will be the focus of your child's toy collection. Made with enchanting colours and charming textures, children won't want to go anywhere without it. This whimsical toy is soft to the touch and perfect for cuddling.

This teddy bear will be the main character of your baby's childhood, and will be there when they are most curious and playful. It will be there alongside all your child's exciting, imaginative adventures! 

Original Moulin Roty Brown Bear. Comes in adorable yellow and polka-dot collectible box. 

This European brand has already been a part of 5 generations, and continues to warm the hearts of kids and parents. Their avant-garde approach to design and premium quality fabrics are what separate them from their mass-market competition. The vintage feel of Moulin Roty's items comes from their unique use of colour and contrast with texture. These traditional toys are not relics of the past, as their refreshing twist also makes them perfect for the modern baby!