Organic Cotton Baby Bag

$25.00 CAD

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Our organic cotton baby bag can add 3 to 5 baby items such as blankets, plush, clothes, etc when you are assembling your very own baby gift basket. Parents can use this cute baby carrier as the base for your online delivery Canada but also as an adorable rustic hamper for your baby.

New parents will love this baby bag for a number of reasons. Firstly, the cotton is organic; meaning it does not contain harmful chemicals that would otherwise be detrimental to a baby’s sensitive skin. Organic cotton is natural and contains the safest fibres to be near your baby’s developing skin. There will be times where your newborn will be aside the bag or may even go in themselves and try to look for an item parents do not need to worry or caution themselves because the material is more than fine to be touched or handled by your baby.

The hamper itself can be utilized as an effective means for storage. The bag can be stationed at home and make for suitable décor in your baby’s nursery, holding plenty of items in place but also it is durable enough to be taken by mom and dad on their travels. Whether it’s a day at the beach and parents are looking for a baby bag to bring lotion and a change of clothes or maybe the family is taking a trip to grandma’s and they need to bring diapers and a blanket, whatever the destination the baby bag suffices.

Lets not forget about the cute hippo drawing imprinted on the front of the hamper. This cute cartoon will sure to be a friendly face always smiling back at your newborn and can be a spark of imagination in the bedroom. Made of 100% organic cotton, baby bag is good on the environment, your newborn, and with parents all around.