Metropolitan With Veuve Clicquot Champagne

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This Metropolitan with Veuve Clicquot Champagne includes: 

1 BOTTLE VEUVE CLICQUOT CHAMPAGNE - The signature Veuve Clicquot yellow label, representative or Clicquot's quality and style. Made from as many as 50 to 60 different Crus. Pairs great with salmon, pasta and crackers.

MAPLE SMOKED SALMON - Genuine British Columbia salmon smoked to perfection with a hint of sweet maple to taste. 

TOAST FOR CHEESE -Baked to perfection English crackers with dates, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds for a sophisticated sweet and nutty taste.

BRIE CHEESE – A tin of imported Brie cheese from Denmark. Creamy texture with mild strength aroma. 

OLIVES: Spanish cocktail olives from Andalusia, Spain of premium quality. An excellent accompaniment on any appetizer or charcuterie spread. 

WALNUT, HONEY & EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL CRACKERS -Made by The Fine Cheese Co. these expertly seasoned crackers are the perfect accompaniment to your top choice cheeses. 

MA'S KITCHEN ARTISAN CHOCOLATE -The most delicious, homemade style chocolate bar you will ever taste!

PREMIUM VELVET SUNRISE COFFEE (400g) -Smooth and velvety coffee blended in Toronto and used only by the top shops in the city! 

COOKIE IT UP COOKIES - Scrumptious handmade cookies that taste homemade! Locally made in Aurora, Ontario. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Delicious individual squares of famous Godiva milk chocolate with a creamy filling inside. 

FEINY BISCUITS -Crunchy wafer cookies filled with sweet hazelnut filling. Perfectly pairs with coffee or espresso.

PURETEA LOOSE LEAF TEA - Natural loose leaf tea with aromatic taste.

GODIVA CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS - Godiva rich dark chocolate encapsulates crunchy almonds for an upscale sweet and salty snack. 

SPRUCEWOOD MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES -A Canadian spin on a classic cookie, these maple shortbread cookies are the perfect blend of buttery and sweet.

MILK CHOCOLATE -A little taste of elegance is added to your gift basket with this delectable bar of milk chocolate. Made in Canada. 

CHEESE BISCUITS - Cheddar cheese shortbread biscuits. Made with real Canadian cheddar for a sharp bite of flavour.

CARAMEL POPCORN -The number one pick for a sweet and salty snack, it's Spudniks caramel corn! Salted popcorn coated in creamy caramel. 

CRACKERS - Simple and light artisan style crackers seasoned with sea salt and olive oil. 

LINDT LARGE BOX OF ASSORTED CHOCOLATES - This large box of Lindor truffles has a taste for everyone, with milk, dark and white chocolate truffles included. 

COCOA TRUFFLES - French inspired chocolate truffles are gourmet little treats that you will absolutely love from beginning to end!

CHIPS -Canadian madeartisan potato chips made from potatoes grown in British Columbia. Made with simple and natural ingredients for a guilty free snack.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Every dessert-lover's dream, soft and buttery shortbread, baked to perfection into bite-sized biscuits. 

HONEY MUSTARD BISCUITS -Verduijn's wafers baked with aged Gouda and hints of honey and mustard taste for a sophisticated sweet and salty snack.

NUTS - A bag of simple, raw nuts made by Urban Snack. Perfect for on-the-go days.

GODIVA CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS -For a twist on chocolate covered nuts, these Godiva chocolate covered cashews are a new spin on an old classic.

PRETZELS -You know and love them. They're the classic salty snack. They're twisted salted pretzels of course!

DARK CHOCOLATE -For those with an elevated palette, this 70% rich dark chocolate bar made in Quebec is the perfect sweet treat.

SHORTBREAD SPRUCEWOOD COOKIES -Maple Shortbread made with all natural ingredients. No preservatives, tree nut and peanut free, and kosher certified. An upscale treat with a amazing taste.

FINEST RATTAN HAND WOVEN BASKET – A generous sized basket in a classic woven design. The reusable basket comes adorned with satin bows and a personalized card.

The Metropolitan With Veuve Clicquot Champagne gift basket is perfect for celebrating. It's a gift basket filled with gourmet products, and a premium bottle of signature yellow-label Veuve Clicquot. A refined treat for the most special celebrations.

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