Luxury French Champagne and Roses


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This alluring roses and champagne gift includes: 

LUXURY FRENCH CHAMPAGNE (750 mL) - Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial, a bottle of tasty and popular champagne that was made to drink in celebration. Bright with notes of honey and green apple, the creamy texture and vivacious bubbles and fizz are a wonderful complement to any romantic dinner. 

A DOZEN ROMANTIC ROSES - Beautiful red roses are a classic symbol of affection and romance. Gift a ravishing bouquet of 12 enchanting roses to your other half as you enjoy special occasions in the company of one another. 

There is no better way to celebrate special romantic occasions such as intimate dinners and anniversaries than with the timeless pairing of stunning red roses and fine champagne. The best way to tell that special person in your life how you feel is not to say it, but to show it. A timeless gift of luxury champagne and roses is the best expression of your truest feelings.