Chinese New Year Gift Basket

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with your friends and coworkers. Very stylish and fancy gift basket field with decadent treats makes unforgettable gift. Dream come thru for any chocolate dreamer. Delivery Canada wide.

Gift basket includes:

Chinese New Year Chocolate Gold Coins - Lucky gold coins to celebrate the New Year!

Chinese Lucky Candies - A must have for every family during Chinese New Year.

Chinese Red Money Envelopes - Bring good fortune to your friends with these lovely red envelopes. 

Caramel Popcorn - Sweet and crunchy, the perfect celebration snack. 

Chocolate French Truffles  100 grams - High quality truffles with a generous layer of cocoa powder.

Lindor Chocolate - The best chocolates to have when you need something sweet.

Pretzels - A great family snack. 

Cheese Biscuits - Pair these with some wine to make it extra tasty.

Kit Kat - Any child or adult will love this. 

Basket arrives in  cellophane, decorated with a hand-made ribbon.

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