Golf Gift

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This Golf Gift includes:

Great Golf Book - The Greatest Golf Courses and How They Are Played. A great insightful book that informs you the most amazing golf clubs. You will be able to discover special secrets to each courses and how to play each hole! 

Golf Towel - Every golfer needs a good quality towel. This towel is soft, easy to clean and can be used to clean anything!

Golf Balls - Premium golf balls that will help you increase your accuracy. 

Golf Tees - Sturdy tees that will help you get that hole in one! 

Potato Chips - Delicious potato chips from Hardbite to snack on during your break. These healthy chips have no GMO, trans fats, cholesterol, or artificial ingredients.

Caramel Popcorn - Sweet and crunchy popcorn to share with your friends after a good game. 

Crackers - These crackers have a delicious taste of olive oil and sea salt, and are crispy to utter perfection. 

Pretzels - A traditional salty snack that all know and love! These twisted salty snacks are made with only the finest ingredients, and are an excellent addition to all snack platters!


A beautiful and elegant golf gift basket full of snacks and essential golf items. Any golfer will immediately appreciate the presentation and all the products that comes with it. Anybody golfer would die to get their hands on the Great Golf Book. All those juicy secrets and hints will pave the path to victory when they visit these exclusive golf clubs in North America.