Dark Chocolate Gifts

$5.00 CAD

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Dark chocolate - it's a gift of a smooth and luxurious guilty pleasure free of the guilt. Dark chocolate is known to be an acquired taste for the mature palette, but is also commonly referred by doctors and nutritionists as a wholesome treat with a number of health benefits. This is why our carefully selected 70% dark chocolate bars are included in every basket from our healthy gift basket product line and a number of other dietary-specific gift baskets that we offer including our Gluten-Free and Kosher lines. 

This 100g (3.3oz) bar, made up of 70% dark chocolate, is made in Canada in the region of Mont Blanc, Quebec. In order for dark chocolate to have any health benefits over milk or white chocolate (because it is, of course, still chocolate), the product must be composed of 70% cacao, which is why our gourmet selection has been handpicked for our premium gift baskets. This artisan dark chocolate bar is made from simple and natural ingredients including cocoa butter and natural vanilla for an unforgettable richness in taste with each bite. 

You'll never guess that these dark chocolate bars are providing you with beneficial antioxidants that can help improve heart and skin health, with the rich, bittersweet fragrance it offers in each pleasing bite. Along with these perks, these dark chocolate bars are included in each of our Kosher approved gift baskets and all of our Gluten-Free line of baskets for those with dietary restrictions or conscientious regimes. 

As a premium product, it is no wonder why outside of our healthy line of baskets, these 70% dark chocolate bars are included in a large majority of our premium baskets. They are a proven customer top-choice, and are sought out through and through for the unbeatable, opulent flavour combination on its own or paired with a medium-bodied red wine for a truly lavish sensory experience.