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CHOCOLATE SWISS LUXURY SELECTION TRUFFLES – A box of assorted chocolate truffles by Lindt made in the Swiss tradition. The truffles have a chocolate shell and silky ganache filling for a luscious texture and rich taste. An exquisite melt in your mouth treat.

FRENCH TRUFFLES – Luscious, chocolate truffles with an exquisitely silky smooth texture. Made in France from the finest ingredients for rich flavour and the perfect creamy finish. Made for sharing and sure to impress even the most discerning tastes.

ARTISAN CRACKERS (2) – Olive oil and sea salt infused crackers with a light crisp. The perfect cracker, thin and baked to a golden brown. Made for pairing with your favourite cheeses.

IMPORTED BRIE CHEESE – A tin of brie cheese made in Denmark from the finest ingredients. With its subtle taste, a popular addition to any cheese tray. Ideal with crackers or bread, it makes a gourmet snack baked and served with fruit preserve.

BUITEMAN'S CHEESE BISCUITS (2) – Bite-sized cheese biscuits with a bold flavour. Oven baked and made with real Swiss Gruyere cheese and other natural ingredients. Delightful with fruit or eaten on their own as a snack.

WILDLY DELICIOUS OLIVE OIL – Extra virgin olive oil made from Mediterranean olives. This heart healthy oil is free of cholesterol. Ideal for salads, dipping bread, or cooking.

GOURMET CHIPS (2) – Artisan style chips made from the finest potatoes grown in the Fraser Valley, BC. Kettle cooked in small batches to ensure delicious flavour and the perfect crisp. Made with natural ingredients and flavours for a healthy snack.

PRETZELS - This salty addition is highlighted amongst these sweet treats. 

PEPPERMINT TEA - Wash down your favourite dessert with the refreshing taste of warm peppermint tea! 

GODIVA HOT CHOCOLATE - This hot chocolate is made with the same Godiva quality you already know. 

GODIVA COFFEE - This delicious coffee is infused Godiva's signature chocolate recipe to start your morning with some sweetness. 

HAZELNUT BISCUITS - This nutty treat is packed with a punch you'll get addicts to. 

OATMEAL COOKIES (2) - These nontraditional oatmeal cookies have a chocolate dipped bottom for a tasty twist. 

CHOCOLATE COVERED COOKIES - These buttery cookies are dunked in a substantial layer of chocolate for an extra crunch in each bite. 

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - The ultimate classic, this chocolate chip cookie is soft and chewy and tastes just like childhood! 

GODIVA LAVA CAKE TRUFFLES - These dark chocolate truffles are literally exploding with a melted chocolate flavour that is sure to be addicting. 

GODIVA CREME BRULEE TRUFFLES - These milk chocolate truffles have a smooth toffee filling and salty caramel interior that tastes better than the real thing. 

GLUTEN-FREE OAT COOKIES - These cookies are made for those with allergies in mind! Free from the top-8 priority allergens, these cookies are so soft and sweet, they'll melt in your mouth. 

DRIED CRANBERRIES - The best part of trail mix is the sweet and chewy dried cranberries. Now you don't have to pick or the almonds! 

TRADITION MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - This Canadian-made milk chocolate bar is produced in small hand-made batches to ensure the main ingredient, love, is tasted in every bite! 

TRADITION DARK CHOCOLATE BAR - Also available in dark chocolate, you can taste the artisan quality that differentiates this chocolate bar from the generic kind.. 

LINDOR MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - Made with the same Lindor chocolate recipe you already know and love, you can throw this bar in your bag to enjoy on the go or in the office. 

SPRUCEWOOD HANDMADE SHORTBREAD - These shortbread cookies taste homemade because of its attention to quality and small-batch production. The perfect companion is to a steaming cup of tea. 

LINDT MILK TRUFFLES - These truffles are a staple in our best selling gift baskets and for good reason. The familiar milk chocolate shell that shelters the ridicuously indulgent chocolate interior is something we gravitate towards to first.

WILDLY DELICIOUS COMPOTE - This compote is the perfect spread to add to your cheese platter. Made from simple ingredients, you can trust your getting premium quality in each bite. 

GODIVA MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS - The combination of chocolate and nut is an elegant dessert experience. Great for an after dinner snack, this treat is great for sweet and salty flavour palettes. 

GODIVA DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS - Godiva's premium dark chocolate delicately coats these fresh and crunchy almonds for a sophisticated snack. 

GINGER SHORTBREAD - This buttery shortbread recipe is infused with the sharp bite of ginger for a fun twist. The subtle softness of the shortbread harmonizes the spiciness of the ginger to create the perfect balance in your mouth. 

PROSECCO GUMMY CANDY - These prosecco-flavoured gummies will do the trick when you can't open a bottle of bubbly! 

TREASURE CHEST – Your gift basket comes in an attractive wooden treasure chest gift box. The reusable box is adorned with satin bows and a customized gift card.


This treasure chest is packed to the brim with gourmet goodies both savoury and sweet. The wide selection of delicious imported and domestic treats makes it perfect for corporate gift giving, and is sure to impress family and friends with your thoughtfulness.

Packaged in style in cellophane and gift wrapped with handmade luxurious satin bow.