Charcuterie with Cheese and Wine Gift Basket

$180.00 CAD

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Charcuterie with Cheese and Wine gift basket includes:

CABERNET WINE - Good quality Cabernet wine best accompanied by cheeses or savoury bread snacks.

DRY PEPPERONI - Using only simple and natural ingredients these peppery and smoked mini sausage sticks are great on their own or paired with hard or soft cheeses. 

FRUIT COMPOTE - Wildly Delicious fig pear and orange fruit compote is what you've been missing from your cheese spread - until now! Best served with cheese or spread on a simple cracker, it's seriously delicious! 

CREAMY BRIE - Premium quality Castello brie. Made in Denmark, this brie is a hit at any dinner party as a choice appetizer. 

ARTISAN CRACKERS - Simple and tasty olive oil and sea salt crackers. Pairs excellently with brie, hard cheeses or jams and spreads.

ASSORTMENT OF NUTS - All natural assortment of nuts including pistachios, cashews, almonds and more! Perfect to satisfy your salty cravings, even on-the-run in airtight practical packaging.

PICKLED GHERKINS A jar of pickles your won't be able to get enough of. Opies' cocktail gherkins are distilled in malt vinegar for the perfect appetizer food either on their own or paired with cheese or crackers. 

BLACK OLIVES - You haven't enjoyed black olives until you've had these Hojiblanca olives from Andalusia Spain. 

CHEESE BISCUITS -Handmade savoury shortbread cookies made with real Canadian cheddar for shortbread like you've never had it before. 

CRUNCHY PRETZELS A favourite savoury snack across North America, these simply seasoned, crunchy pretzels are a perfect dinner party snack to share with guests. 

HONEY MUSTARD CRACKERS - Verduijn's fine mustard wafers are made in the Netherlands. Made with a touch of honey for an added sweet taste and topped with grated aged Gouda. 

TRUFFLES- Exquisite chocolate truffles coated in fine cocoa powder and a rich chocolate centre.

WOODEN CHEESE BOARD - The ideal sized, modern designed wooden cheese board. With rounded edges and oval supports to add height and a stylish appearance.

Is a dinner party complete without an impressive and sprawling charcuterie board? Make sure your friends and family are not missing out on this delicious trend with this charcuterie with cheese and wine basket. From creamy brie to fruity compote and all of the delicious bread snacks in between, this stylish gift basket is guaranteed to be the centre of attention with premium quality food products, wine and a stylish wooden cheese board.