Birthday Gift Baskets With Popular Chocolates

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This birthday gift basket includes:

CLASSIC OREOS - Everyone loves the classic! Double-stuffed or thins are acquired tastes, so we've got you covered with everyone's favourite. 

FUZZY PEACH CANDIES - These super-sweet candies taste like a summer peach, with just a hint of sour from the sugary coating. This fruity treat from Maynard's will hit the spot. 

KITKAT BAR -  If they want a break, give them a KitKat bar! Perfect for the top drawer, they'll break off a piece of this chocolate-covered wafer for a quick chocolate fix.  

PRETZELS - Something salty for all the savoury-lovers out there, these pretzels are a crunchy addition to their after-school snack. Great for dipping or drizzlig with chocolate, kids can share this during recess.  

SMARTIES CHOCOLATE - This Canadian classic doesn't make you smarter, but it does make you sweeter! Made without artificial colours, these bright chocolate pieces are the perfect size to fit in a backpack. 

HERSHEY'S BAR - The smooth creaminess of Hershey's chocolate is something well enjoyed into adulthood. Known for their great taste, this bar is bigger (and better) than a Kiss!

STRAWBERRY TWIZZLERS - These fruit-flavoured twisted ropes are sweet, chewy, and fun to eat! Definitely something to save for the bus ride home.  

CARAMEL POPCORN - This popcorn from Spudnik's is for the kids who like the sweet and salty combo! The crunch caramel coating atop the fluffy popcorn is a treat for the senses.

What is the best birthday gift for kids?

Kids can be hard to shop for! Especially with all the new toys constantly coming to market, it's hard to keep up with what's in and what's out. Need birthday gift ideas for kids? Our kids birthday gift baskets include the most-loved candy favourites so you can treat them on their b-day!