Beringer Premium Chardonnay Wine

$34.00 CAD

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A beautiful Chardonnay wine the smells like fresh pear and apples with a hint of vanilla and lemons. A delicious combination of pungent aromas on the nose. Gamble Ranch is where Beringer's Chardonnay vineyard is located. This location has the ideal temperature and climate that allows their grapes to maintain their acidity. This makes the fruit ripe and rich with flavors. 
The fruits are fermented in 100% French oak barrels for 10 months which makes the flavor of this wine even richer. They are barrel fermented and put through a process called malolactic fermentation that increases the creaminess texture. After 10 months of aging, only the most richest lots are used to make their wines. This is what gives the aromas of vanilla and other fruity flavors.