Baby Boy Swaddle Blankets

$19.00 CAD

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Baby boy swaddle blankets are the best baby gifts. Included in our baby boy gift baskets, this set of 2 muslin swaddle blankets made from 100% cotton will keep your little one wrapped in such a snug way; he will never have been more cozy!

Swaddle Blankets for Boys

Keep your newborn nice and warm with this pack of 2 blankets to swaddle him with. Sometimes your little ones have so much energy, it's hard to contain it all! That is why swaddle blankets are designed to securely wrap around your newborn to ensure they can't wriggle out when it is time for them to stay still and to stay near! Our best-selling baby baskets features this great set of 2 blankets that your little boy will fall in love with. 

There are also some other great reasons to swaddle your baby. Did you know that swaddling helps your baby to feel safe and secure? This is because the blanket actually mimics the tight sensation they feel while in mommy's belly! Swaddling also helps to prevent any sort of startle reflex from waking your little boy up, which sometimes happens when you see his arms or legs move suddenly while he is asleep. Last but not least, swaddling helps keep your newborn son cozy and warm, without the worry or hassle of loose blankets posing any sort of risk to him, or any sort of mess for parents!