Gourmet Gift Basket Wholesale 10 Pack( 10 Baskets)

$475.00 CAD

Same Day Toronto delivery for orders placed before 11.30AM FREE Delivery (in GTA Toronto, or in Ontario, Quebec) on baskets $100 or more, going to one address.

The following items are included in this gift basket:

GODIVA CHOCOLATE BAR: The finest chocolate bar in town, who doesn't love Godiva's milk chocolate? An elegant addition to this basket, your recipient will feel the holiday cheer. 

FRENCH TRUFFLES: These chocolate truffles are covered with delicate layer of cocoa powder. Though they are little, they are big with richness. Creamy and soft, these are made with high-quality ingredients. 

ARTISAN CRACKERS: These classy crackers are flavoured with olive oil and sea salt, baked to a perfect crunch.  Pair with cheeses, spreads, and dips for something savoury!

COOKIES: These oatmeal cookies are dipped in a layer of milk chocolate to give these treats an extra level of sweetness! These are no ordinary oatmeal cookies. 

PRETZELS: Great for dipping into melted chocolate or your favourite dip, this salty snack is added for you to enjoy something more filling. 

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS: Lamontagne's award-winning snack is just what your recipient has to try! These coffee flavour-coated almonds are covered in unique caffe latte chocolate shell. Step aside chocolate covered peanuts!

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE: The best holiday gift is always the classic! This soft and chewy cookie has just enough chocolate chips to make it the perfect ratio of deliciousness. 

POPCORN: Spudnik's caramel popcorn is  light, airy, and are coated with a delicious layer of sweet caramel. The flavours of salty and sweet are such a fantastic combination in this treat!


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