Thank You Heavenly Sweet Basket

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The Thank You Gourmet Heavenly Sweet Basket includes:

GODIVA CHOCOLATE:We all love a fine piece of chocolate, right? Of course we do! Better yet, we all love to find such a rich and decadent piece of chocolate in our gift baskets! This milk chocolate bar from Godiva is such a lovely and elegant piece to this basket that your recipient will absolutely adore. Such a rich, creamy and elegant piece of chocolate will absolutely just melt in your mouth from start to finish!

LINDT MILK CHOCOLATE BAR: Famous chocolate bar from Lindt, made in Switzerland.

CHOCOLATE COVERED PISTACHIOS: Thanks to Lamontagne Chocolate, a treat you have always wanted to have finally exists! Lamontagne Chocolate have made this incredible snack of premium pistachios coated in a rich milk chocolate coating - this treat definitely is one they will love!

SORINI ITALIAN TRUFFLES: These cappuccino-flavoured milk chocolate truffles are delectable and decadent, and soon to be your new favourite treat!

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS: Lamontagne Chocolate takes this traditional snack of chocolate almonds that we all know and love to the next level with Caffe Latte almonds! These gourmet almonds are coated with a decadent and delicious coffee-flavoured layer you will absolutely adore. This treat is definitely one you have not tried before, but are completely missing out on! This award-winning snack is a fantastic one that you and your guests just have to try!


MILK CHOCOLATE BAR TRADITION: This made in Canada milk chocolate is surely the best milk chocolate that you have ever had! This milk chocolate is decadent, creamy, and it is truly such a great and rich bar of chocolate. This bar is a perfect addition to any snack table at an office party, or it makes a perfect gift as part of a gift basket for your recipient at work as well.

COOKIES:Don't let the size of these cookies fool you - they may be small, but they are packed with only the best oatmeal flavour, coated in a rich layer of milk chocolate on its bottom.

PRETZELS:Twisted salted pretzels are a classic snack for a reason - they are crunchy, crispy, and oh so delicious!

COOKIE:Chocolate chip cookies are a classic treat and a favourite among all. This chewy and soft cookie is no different!

TRUFFLES:  These absolutely delectable chocolate French truffles made with real cocoa are all chocolate-lovers dream! They may be small, but they are packed with so much of such an absolutely amazing chocolate flavour. Coated in a thin layer of coca powder, these truffles really do go to the next level and they are perfect to eat individually or to add to your snack platter! 

CARAMEL POPCORN: This caramel popcorn from Spudniks is one that you are going to absolutely adore! From the minute you open the bag and get a whiff of that sweet scent, to when the light and airy popped pieces reach your tongue, this treat is truly so delicious, you are going to want to just keep eating and eating! Spudniks caramel popcorn is free of Cholesterol, Dairy, Trans Fat, Gluten, and are Kosher. You are not going to get enough of this fantastic treat! 

CONTAINER: Reusable great looking basket from textile. 

Your Thank You  Basket will arrive beautifully presented in cellophane and dressed with an nice bow.

So many people in your word deserve  Thank You Gift Basket. Send the angels in your life a Gourmet Heavenly Sweet Basket to show your thanks for all they do for you. There are friends and neighbours who help you through difficult times – or who cut your hedges for you and kept up your yard work when your shoulder was sore last spring. There are nurses who made a hospital stay that much more pleasant and the tutor who brought up your son's grades last semester. Special employees who add new ideas or have a great, productive month deserve recognition for their efforts too. Say Thank You to all of them. An attractive, reusable gift basket filled to the brim with delicious treats from premium brand names like Godiva and Lindt makes an impact that will be remembered and appreciated. You'll add a luxurious note and the warm glow of gratitude to their day and your message of thanks will be loud and clear.

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