Popular Chocolate Gift Basket

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Popular chocolate gift basket includes:

KITKAT BARS (2)– One of the world's favourite chocolate treats. Made using all natural flavours, and Cocoa Plan cocoa—an initiative that works with cocoa-growing communities to improve lives as well as the quality of cocoa beans. A tasty combination of crisp wafer and creamy milk chocolate.

AERO CHOCOLATE – Nestlé's aerated milk chocolate bar with the light bubbly texture. A rich, smooth chocolate with a luscious creamy finish. Light, yet satisfying.

SMARTIES – A crispy, colourful sugar shell with creamy milk chocolate inside. Made at the Toronto Nestlé chocolate factory using certified sustainable cocoa. A sweet treat made for sharing.

M&Ms CHOCOLATE CANDY (2) – Soft, creamy chocolate inside, with a colourful round candy shell outside. It's a luscious combination of tastes and textures. Enjoyed by candy lovers the world over since 1941.

HERSHEY’S BAR– A smooth milk chocolate bar with crunchy almonds. A classic candy combination, made by Hershey's. It's a break from the everyday.

GOURMET CHIPS – Tasty potato chips born in the soil of the Fraser Valley, BC. Made artisan style and kettle cooked in small batches to ensure quality and flavour. Contains only natural seasonings and flavours.

TWIZZLERS LICORICE STICKS – A traditional snack favourite for over a hundred years. Made with real molasses in a floppy texture that's chewy and fun to eat. Classic red licorice sticks in a pack made for sharing.

OREO COOKIES – Crispy chocolate cookie outside, luscious vanilla cream inside. It's the perfect complement to a glass of milk, or a cup of coffee or tea. America's favourite cookie since 1912.

MAYNARD’S FUZZY PEACH CANDIES - These super-sweet candies taste like a summer peach, with just a hint of sour from the sugary coating. This fruity treat from Maynard's will hit the spot. 

POPCORN - This caramel popcorn is a symphony of sweet and salty, light and crispy. You're going to want more when you  finish!  

BUCKET – This gift set comes in a playful blue bucket with handles. The reusable bucket is the perfect size to hold small household items.

in style in cellophane and gift wrapped with hand made luxurious satin bow every gift basket comes with a customized gift card, full color, glossy print. It's a nice wrapping for a nice gift.

This all ages gift basket is filled to the brim with chocolates, sweets, and treats. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion for family, friends, co-workers, or colleagues. The grand selection of deluxe, popular gourmet

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