Premium 2 Coffee Gift Basket

$150.00 CAD

Same Day Toronto GTA delivery for orders placed before 11am. FREE Delivery (in GTA Toronto, or in Ontario, Quebec) on baskets $100 or more, going to one address.

For those with sophisticated taste buds, this premium coffee gift baskets includes some of the finest coffee flavoured and coffee infused products. From coffee made by the top-quality Velvet Blend brand to the luxe Goodio craft coffee flavoured chocolate, this basket is sure to impress!

This Premium Coffee gift basket includes: 

PREMIUM VELVET SUNRISE COFFEE 400 gramsVelvet blend is dedicated to ensuring you start your day with the best beans possible. Used by only the best coffee shops in Toronto! 

GOODIO PREMIUM CHOCOLATE - Once you try Goodio's raw, organic craft chocolate made in Finland from 56% cacao and infused with coffee flavouring, you will never go back! Priding themselves on only using the best, high quality ingredients, this is the chocolate for the luxurious palette.

COFFEE BY VELVET SUNRISE 400 grams - The top-quality, locally roasted Velvet Blend by Velvet Sunrise is sure to become your new favourite blend. With balanced sweet and savoury taste, this is the coffee blend for you!

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES - What pairs beautifully with Canadian coffee? Maple flavoured shortbread. These buttery and sweet cookies are perfect to enjoy with your morning coffee.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Gourmet truffles coated in fine cocoa powder, with a rich deliciousness you won't be able to get enough of! 

ARTISAN CRACKERS - Olive oil and sea salt crostini style crackers that are great on their own or paired with your favourite cheeses or dips. 

CARAMEL POPCORN - The perfect sweet and savoury snack, this caramel popcorn is great for sharing at your next movie night!

CHEESE BISCUITS - Gourmet selection cheese biscuits made from real Canadian cheddar for a delicious accompaniment with your morning tea or coffee. 

CHIPS - Canadian made handcrafted-style chips baked in small batches with the best ingredients to ensure high-quality flavour in each chip.

PRETZELS - Seasoned traditional pretzels to satisfy that savoury and salty craving. Made from quality ingredients.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - With simple and natural ingredients, these gourmet shortbread cookies are a shareable treat that all of your guests will love! 

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