Antipasto Cheese Board

$50.00 CAD

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This Antipasto Cheese Board includes: 

BRIE CHEESE - Castello soft and creamy brie is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party. Mild in strength and aromatic flavour, this brie is what you need included in your next appetizer spread. 

ARTISAN CRACKERS - Any cheese tray needs a crunchy accompaniment, and olive oil and sea salt artisan baguette bites are perfectly paired with any creamy cheeses like brie or hard cheeses. Top with hummus, garlic spread or vegetable dip for an even more elevated taste.  

OLIVES - These authentic quality Hojiblanca black Spanish olives are made in Andalusia. Strong-tasting, they are a delicious as a pizza topping or added into pasta for an upgraded flavour. Also tasty finely chopped or pureed as a spread.

CHEESE BISCUITS - Made with simple and natural ingredients including real Canadian cheddar cheese, these biscuits are tasty on their own or paired with your favourite cheese or spread. 

SEASONED PRETZELS - This crunchy snack is a true classic. Perfect for sharing at a gathering or party, these twisted, salty treats are a favourite. Enjoy these gourmet pretzels on their own or with dip. 

CHEESE BOARD - The charming wooden cheese board is crafted with elegance to transform your antipasto spread to a beautiful, modern aesthetic. Great to display an arrangements of cheeses and salty snacks like crackers, pretzels, and more!


If you're worried about arriving to a dinner or housewarming party empty handed, this charming antipasto cheese board is the perfect answer to your worries! Included in this gift are a number of gourmet appetizer foods, from cheeses to artisan bread snacks. This gift also comes with a modern wood crafted cheese board, elevating this gift from appealing to practical, taking any party hosts' appetizer spread to the next level. Fancy and useful, your recipient will want to make use of this antipasto cheese board gift set right away!

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