Office Sharing Extra Large Corporate Basket

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This Extra Large Office Sharing gift includes:

LINDOR GIFT BOX - These classic little Lindor chocolate balls from Lindt are a treasured treat with everyone. The irresistibly smooth filling and milk chocolate coating makes these truffles a guilty pleasure for anyone who tries them.

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Handmade and carefully crafted cookies made in small batches to ensure the ultimate taste and texture. Made in Canada by the Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. with superior quality natural ingredients, with a hint of maple for a Canadian spin. A luxurious taste for an escape from the everyday.

FEINY BISCUITS - These hazelnut cream filled chocolate wafers are a product of Italy and made to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Crunchy and smooth, these are the perfect coffee accompaniment.

COOKIE IT UP COOKIES - Locally made in Aurora, Ontario, these gourmet cookies are thin and delicious, and handmade only with the best ingredients. The 154g box is the perfect amount for sharing with friends or coworkers at office gatherings or meetings.

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR - For those with a more upscale palette, this 70% dark chocolate bar is made in Canada with all natural ingredients for a luxurious and rich dark chocolate treat. 

ARTISAN POTATO CHIPS - Handcrafted-style potato chips that are baked in small batches for quality assurance and the best possible taste. These all natural potato chips are sure to be your next guilty pleasure, free of the guilt.

WATERBRIDGE MILK CHOCOLATE BISCUITS - Finger-style biscuits with a crunchy centre and coated in sweet milk chocolate. This sharing box is designed with a chic tray to share at an office gathering or meeting and pairs great with coffee. 

CHOCOLATE - This bar of milk chocolate is surely the best milk chocolate that you have ever had! Made in Quebec, this milk chocolate is decadent, creamy, and it is truly such a great and rich bar of chocolate. This bar is a perfect addition to any snack table at an office party, or it makes a perfect gift as part of a gift basket for your recipient at work as well.

PRETZELS - A traditional salty snack that all know and love! Dunk them in your favourite spreads or dips, or coat them in chocolate to make an extra tasty snack. These twisted salty snacks are made with only the finest ingredients, and are an excellent addition to all snack platters!

POPCORN - This caramel popcorn from Spudnik's is such an absolutely amazing snack! These perfectly popped pieces of popcorn are coated in a delicious caramel coating, giving them the most perfect crunch with the best sweet taste. Made in Canada, you are not going to get enough of this tasty treat!

CANTUCCI CHOCOLATE COOKIES - A sophisticated spin on a childhood classic, Cantucci chocolate chip cookies are a savoury treat that everyone is sure to enjoy! A product of Italy, these expertly baked cookies are a luxurious treat meant to be enjoyed with every last bite.

COCOA TRUFFLES - These absolutely delectable chocolate French truffles made with real cocoa are all chocolate-lovers dream! They may be small, but they are packed with so much of such an absolutely amazing chocolate flavour. Coated in a thin layer of coca powder, these truffles really do go to the next level and they are perfect to eat individually or to add to your snack platter! 

GOURMET POTATO CHIPS – All natural gourmet potato chips that begin with potatoes from the Fraser Valley, BC. They are crafted in small batches, with no GMO, trans fats, cholesterol, or artificial ingredients. An upscale treat for even the most discerning palates.

VERDUIJN'S CHEESE CRACKERS – Oven baked for the perfect crisp, and flavoured with real Swiss Gruyere. They make a delicious snack on their own with mustard and a touch of honey for seasoning, or paired with your choice of cheeses or dips. A wonderful addition to any appetizer or snack selection when entertaining, or passing around the office.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Soft but crunchy, these buttery shortbread are a gourmet version of the classic treat. Enjoy with your cup or coffee or tea, or on their own for a delicious snack.

TRUFFLES -  French-inspired decadent chocolate truffles made in Quebec with fine cocoa powder dusted coating.

ARTISAN CRACKERS - Delicious olive oil and sea salt crackers that are great for a light snack on their own, or even better when paired with salty cheeses or creamy dips. The perfect snack for sharing among the office.

POTATO CHIPS – From the soils of the Fraser Valley, BC, artisan crafted potato chips. Deliciously crispy and seasoned with all natural herbs, spices, and flavours. A good for you treat.

CHEESE BISCUITS - Shortbread-style biscuits with a salty twist. Made with real Canadian cheddar and excellently paired with a morning cup of tea to get your day started right! 

NUTS - For those with less of a sweet tooth, this good-for-you snack is great for an energy boost after a long day at the office or just to enjoy during a meeting.

SPRUCEWOOD SHORTBREAD - Delectable traditional shortbread cookies by Sprucewood Cookie Co. that are locally made and the perfect sharing treat. A popular treat among customers, these cookies are bite-sized buttery goodness.

CRACKERS - Baguette style bite-sized crackers. These crispy snacks are seasoned with olive oil and sea salt for a great snack on their own or paired with cheese, dips or hummus. Perfect for sharing at office parties or meetings.

Designed to be shared among a group of friends and colleagues, this gourmet gift basket has something for everyone to enjoy. With the array of treats and snacks, this basket can be easily shared with 10 - 15. The handpicked, gourmet quality items are sure to have a taste for everyone in the office, from sweet delicacies like French chocolate truffles to savoury classics like salted pretzels and really everything in between. Take the stress out of planning your next office party or meeting with this perfect assortment of products everyone is sure to love and make your next office gathering a hit!

 This gift basket comes in an elegant wooden box, is beautifully wrapped in cellophane, topped with a hand-made bow, and includes a personalized greeting card for your recipient!

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