Premium Wine Christmas Gift

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ThisPremium Wine Christmas gift basketincludes:

BERINGER CABARNET RED WINE - 1 bottle of premium red Beringer Cabernet wine from the USA is included in this basket.

HAPPY HOLIDAY CHOCOLATE -  Artisan milk chocolate

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - When the sweet tooth craving creeps up, these bite-sized shortbread cookies are buttery and delicious, and are sure to cut that craving, no problem! 

TRUFFLES- Perfectly dusted chocolate ganache French truffles, covered in fine cocoa powder for a delectable and mouthwatering treat. 

CHIPS- Handcrafted style potato chips by Hardbite, a Canadian company based in BC. Each batch is made in small groups for quality and flavour assurance! 

PRETZELS- Twisted salted pretzels will always be a choice snack, and these seasoned, made in Canada treats are perfect for sharing with friends. Try with your favourite dip or hummus for an upscale snack! 

DARK CHOCOLATE - Amazing 72% dark chocolate from Quebec.

CHEESE BISCUITS- Real Canadian cheddar cheese biscuits which put a fun spin on a classic snack, the cheddar shortbread is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party! 

CARAMEL POPCORN - Spudniks (made in Toronto) salty popcorn coated in sweet and creamy caramel for the perfect sweet and salty snack!

For a sophisticated, top quality Christmas gift for the most cherished people in your life, this Premium Wine and Cheese Christmas gift basket is sure to be their favourite gift this holiday season! Because who doesn't love premium red wine and the finest, softest brie cheese, all included in this basket, with an array of salty and sweet snack accompaniments. You're guaranteed to be on their nice list! 

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