Stags Leap Luxury Gift

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This Stags' Leap Luxury Gift Basket includes: 

1 STAGS' LEAP PREMIUM CABERNET SAUVIGNON - Made with grapes from select Napa Valley growers and estate fruits. Includes floral notes of geranium and violet, as well as notes of caramel and cinnamon. 

DARK CHOCOLATE -For those with an elevated palette, this 70% rich dark chocolate bar made in Quebec is the perfect sweet treat. Pair with red wine for sophisticated combination.

BRIE CHEESE – A tin of imported Brie cheese from Denmark. With its creamy texture and mild aroma, Brie is a favourite on any cheese tray. 

DATE & HAZELNUT TOAST FOR CHEESE -English style crackers baked to perfection for a crispy and delicious snack.

OLIVES -Spanish cocktail olives from Andalusia, Spain of premium quality. 

MAPLE SMOKED SALMON – Genuine British Columbia salmon, naturally smoked and embellished with a maple glaze. 

HONEY MUSTARD BISCUITS -Verduijn's wafers baked with aged Gouda and hints of honey and mustard taste.

PREMIUM VELVET SUNRISE COFFEE 400 grams -Smooth and velvety coffee blended in Toronto and used only by the top city coffee shops! 

BISCUITS -Mignon wafers filled with hazelnut cream. A product of Italy. 

MA'S KITCHEN AMAZING CHOCOLATE -The most delicious, homemade style chocolate bar you will ever taste!

LINDT LARGE BOX OF ASSORTED CHOCOLATES – Made by Swiss chocolatiers using superior ingredients. Ideal for passing around the office or at family gatherings.

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES -A Canadian spin on a classic cookie, Sprucewood maple shortbread cookies are the perfect blend of buttery and sweet.  

PURETEA LOOSE LEAF TEA -Simple and organic style loose leaf tea. 

CHEESE BISCUITS - Cheddar biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar. Try pairing with a cup of tea. 

WALNUT, HONEY & EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL CRACKERS -Made by The Fine Cheese Co. these expertly seasoned crackers are the perfect accompaniment to your top choice cheeses.

GODIVA CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS -For a twist on chocolate covered nuts, these Godiva chocolate covered cashews are a new spin on an old classic.

CARAMEL POPCORN -The number one pick for a sweet and salty snack, it's Spudniks caramel corn! 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS - Godiva dark chocolate encapsulates crunchy almonds for an upscale sweet and salty snack. 

BAG OF NUTS -Urban Snack convenient and resealable bag of nuts is the perfect on-the-go snack. 

CHIPS -Handmade artisan potato chips. Canadian made in British Columbia from only natural ingredients.

MILK CHOCOLATE  - A little taste of elegance is added to your gift basket with this delectable bar of milk chocolate.

COOKIE IT UP - Nothing can quite compare to homemade style, freshly baked cookies. Made locally by Cookie It Up.

CRACKERS - Artisan style crackers lightly seasoned with olive oil and sea salt. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Famous truffles from Godiva Chocolatier.

PRETZELS  -You know and love them. They're the classic salty snack. They're twisted salted pretzels of course!

SHORTBREAD COOKIES -Every dessert-lover's dream, soft and buttery shortbread, baked to perfection into bite-sized biscuits. 

TRUFFLES - French chocolate truffles are gourmet little treats that you will absolutely love from beginning to end!

SHORTBREAD SPRUCEWOOD COOKIES: Maple Shortbread made with all natural ingredients. No preservatives, tree nut and peanut free, and kosher certified. An upscale treat with a amazing taste. (180 grams)

FINEST RATTAN TWO-TONE BASKET – A generous sized woven basket with a stylish two-tone design. The reusable basket comes adorned with satin bows and a personalized card.

The Stags' Leap Luxury Gift basket is for those who enjoy the life of luxury. It's packed with gourmet products inside a stunning handwoven rattan basket unlike any other. Includes 1 bottle of premium Stags' Leap Cabernet Sauvignon, made with grapes sourced from the Napa Valley in California. It's a gift that will make jaws drop!

This gift basket is wrapped in cellophane and is topped with a beautiful hand-made bow. Also included with this gift basket is a complementary customized message card. 

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