Gourmet And Fruit Gift Basket

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This fruit gift baskets includes:


RED DELICIOUS APPLES - Crispy and sweet, nothing beats a juicy red delicious! 

GRANNY SMITH APPLES  - Our fresh fruit baskets always include sour granny smiths!

ORANGES - Send a fruit bouquet Toronto to a loved one and guarantee they're getting their daily dose of vitamin C. 

PINEAPPLE - Our tropical fruit gift baskets feature the stunning fruit! You can even add it to your pizza...

PEARS - These crunchy, not overly sweet fruits have a great fiber content, making it digestive aid. 

BANANAS - Everyone loves bananas.

Gourmet items includes:

BRIE CHEESE - Soft and gooey brie that's the best companion to fruit. 

CRACKERS - Layer these sea salt and olive oil infused crackers with the brie and slices of fresh fruit for a makeshift picnic! 

COOKIES - Our fruit and cookie gift baskets include delicious oatmeal cookies with a chocolate layer coating the bottom. 

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - These rich truffles are great with fruit to get the perfect balance between bold and sweet! 

MILK CHOCOLATE - We suggest melting this down and drizzling over fruit to make a fast and easy dessert. 









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